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It has been ten years since major chocolate companies, including Hershey, committed to ending child labor, forced labor and trafficking in their cocoa supply chains, these egregious labor rights abuses continue. A decade later, hundreds of thousands of children continue to labor in hazardous conditions in West Africa, particularly in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, and the US Department of Labor has noted five West African nations whose cocoa may be tainted by forced and/or child labor.

While many chocolate companies have taken steps to trace their cocoa supply chains and implement labor rights standards among their suppliers, Hershey lags behind its competitors in responsibly sourcing its cocoa. Unlike other companies, Hershey has not committed to sourcing cocoa for its main product lines that has been independently certified to comply with international labor rights standards. Tell Hershey to raise the bar and be a leader in sustainable chocolate and shift toward Fairtrade Certified cocoa!

For more information and action ideas, please visit the Raise the Bar Hershey campaign.

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I am deeply concerned about child labor, forced labor and trafficking in the products that I buy. I am disappointed to learn that a decade after chocolate companies committed to ending these abuses in their cocoa supply chains, that the exploitation continues.

I believe that Hershey should be a leader in ensuring that the rights of workers and farmers are respected in the production of chocolate – from bean to bar. Hershey must do more to ensure an end to child labor, forced labor and trafficking in its chocolate products by supporting the demands of the “Raise the Bar” campaign.

It’s time for Hershey to Raise the Bar by tracing the sources of its cocoa and shifting toward Fairtrade Certified cocoa. By purchasing Fairtrade Certified cocoa, Hershey can truly fulfill its mission to bring sweet moments of Hershey happiness to workers, farmers, children, consumers and shareholders worldwide every day!

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