End institutionalized racism at Herschel Girls School.

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South Africa has a dark racist history. It’s remnants linger in our institutions 26 years after democracy. Herschel Girls School, is a private school based in Cape Town South Africa. It is known as one of the best schools in the province, however, it is also known for its institutionalized racism, lack of inclusivity, silencing of student voices and lack of representation. 
In light of the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement, we call for black lives to matter at Herschel Girls School. We call for the silencing of black voices to come to an end. We call for inclusion and for a zero tolerance approach to racist acts of all kinds. 
Regardless of how long ago one might have experienced racial discrimination, the trauma remains fresh. We cannot allow history to repeat itself in the very same institution that teaches us that it should not. 
This is a petition to all who care about the eradication of institutionalized racism in this country and in the world. This is a petition for those who do not want things to look this way in the next 26 years. This is a petition for those who are tired, angry, traumatized and hurting. Most importantly, this is a petition for those who know that in taking action there is hope. 
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End institutionalized racism, one institution at a time.