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Last night in an appearance on Fox News, Herman Cain refused to say whether or not he would ask the National Restaurant Association to waive a confidentiality agreement with a former employee who had accused him of sexual harassment in the 1990s.

“We can’t answer that right now. It’s too soon,” said Cain.

Joel Bennett, a lawyer for Cain’s accuser, told the Washington Post that the woman wanted to tell her story but was bound by the nondisclosure agreement.

We are putting forth this petition to demand that Herman Cain ask the Restaurant Association to release the woman from her confidentiality agreement.

Despite the tremendous progress of American women, discrimination and harassment in the workplace continue to undermine their ability to succeed. Confronting abuse wherever and whenever it takes place is critical to overcoming the barriers that prevent American daughters from realizing their individual potential and from fully participating in American capitalism.

By urging the NRA to release the woman from her confidentiality agreement, Herman Cain will demonstrate his commitment to the women of the United States who are both the majority of American voters and the majority of the population as a whole.

As a candidate for President of the United States – a country with a majority of women in its population – Herman Cain must share this goal.

A commitment to women is a commitment to the future success of our nation.

Letter to
Herman Cain
We, the undersigned, urge you to ask the National Restaurant Association to release the woman who accused you of sexual harassment during your tenure as president of the organization from the non-disclosure agreement she entered into as a condition of her settlement agreement.

While you have had the ability to speak publicly about your accuser, to deny her allegations and to besmirch her integrity, she has had no opportunity to voice her side of the story.

By allowing this woman to be silenced, you have silenced all women.

The President of the United States must be 100% committed to 100% of its citizens – including its female majority.

We ask that you demonstrate your commitment to all American women by allowing the voice of this American woman to be heard.

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