Abolish E-Hallpass at Heritage High School

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This year a new hall pass system has been implemented at Heritage High School for the 2019-2020 school year.  The new system requires students to enter a code given from a teacher on a mobile device or laptop in order to go anywhere in the school, including using the bathroom, getting water, or visiting a counselor. You can be tracked throughout the school at all times while the pass is active, and administrators check to see who meets up in the hallways. This is a gross violation of student privacy and completely unnecessary. In addition to highlighting the complete lack of respect school staff has for the student population, many teachers have pointed out the extreme amount of time it takes to utilize this system effectively. The constant classroom interruptions caused by use of the E-Hallpass system is a major distraction to both educators and students alike. Sign this petition to let LCPS and Heritage High School know that we do not support the use of this new system and it should be abolished immediately.