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For more clarity on how strikes will affect exams and for the reimbursement of students

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The upcoming strikes will have an adverse effect on the students of Heriot-watt. Under sections 1.1 and 4 of the University's mitigating circumstances policy, industrial action is classed as an acceptable circumstance for an application for mitigating circumstances. 

So far, there has been little to no communication from Staff or the University regarding the measures that have been put in place in order to offset the affect the strikes will have. The ones that will be affected most are those that will be graduating this year and who have conditional offers to other Universities for Master or Doctoral programmes, and students who have job offers which rely on good performance in exams.

Furthermore, students from outside Scotland will be facing the prospect of losing up to 12.5% of their tuition fees (up to £1000 for English Students). The university has a duty to ensure that consumer rights are met under the Supply of Services and Goods Act (1982) and the Consumer Rights Act (2015). When a student pays tuition fees, they are entering a contract with the university. It is the duty of the university to provide education in return for tuition fees. In failing to provide lectures and learning material, the University is committing a breach of contract and as such should reimburse students who have paid through the nose for their education. 

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