August 10, 2022
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Started by Jill Murphy Long

Ask any Three Mile Island Survivors about potassium iodide. Ask President Jimmy Carter why he didn't distribute the 237,013 dosages dosages of potassium iodide in 1979 after the Three Mile Island meltdown. Ask President Joe Biden why they give it away for FREE now in all states that have nuclear power plants to residents living within 10 miles.
And they say nuclear safe...

And More Reasons to Turn to Green and Blue Renewable Energy Today:

Nuclear's Dirty Secrets: Not Zero Carbon. {Email me for 7-page PowerPoint} 

URANIUM MINING (not zero carbon)

TRANSPORTATION (not zero carbon)
Reactor Fuel from Kazakhstan, Africa, Australia and Canada by Ships, Trains and Trucks through our states without being told of this radioactive materials passing by our neighborhoods.

TRANSPORTATION (not zero carbon)
Radioactive Waste by Trains and Trucks across the United States without us being told when and how close it will be to our homes, schools, and drinking water sources.

Clive, Utah, Hanford, Washington, Idaho National Laboratory, and the other 48 states that store it (not zero carbon).

FOREVER STORAGE (not zero carbon)                                                                      Due to its highly radioactive garbage in our backyards in 48 states because of man-made, radioactive isotope, plutonium-239 with a half life of 24,100 YEARS.

The public needs to know that nuclear is NOT safe, clean, or green - as the industry continues to sell it.

5-10 year CONSTRUCTION of nuclear plants (not zero carbon)

60-year DECOMMISSIONING of nuclear plants (not zero carbon)

And our U.S. government continues to prop inuclear power up with BILLIONS of dollars.

And that is the taxpayers $$$$$$.

Always in the news and not in a good way:

DIABLO NUCLEAR PLANT (Southern California)

To keep Diablo nuclear plant open for 5 more years is very sad news for so many reasons -

including being on the San Andreas earthquake fault line

and being in the direct line of tsunamis

and the fact that this ancient reactor will leak

and will cause latent cancers, neurological diseases, and tumors of the brain and central nervous system (Ask an Atomic Vet - we've been testing the long-term effects of ionizing radiation on them since World War II...)

and poisons our Pacific Ocean and fish and plant life with its releases into the water...

Terrorists Attacks 
Nuclear Weapon Proliferation

If any of the 6 nuclear reactors in Ukraine's nuclear plant are hit, radioactive isotopes: cesium-137, iodine-131, strontium-90, and plutonium-239 will be released into our air and water.

And the earth is a closed system. Google: Chernobyl (1986) and Fukushima (2011).

Here are more personal reasons why you should not want nuclear in your backyard, either:

Nuclear energy affects us long-term, damaging our DNA when exposed to radioactive isotopes or ionizing radiation - without us knowing it. [They mean the same and are used interchangeably.]           

And your exposure is accumulative. It is like having a mini-x-ray machine inside you and it is only a question of when your diagnosis will present after a meltdown, “accident” or “incident” as the nuclear industry likes to call it - or a leak or tunnel at Hanford in 2017 in Washington state.

Can't see radioactive isotopes.

Can't hear radioactive isotopes.

Can't smell radioactive isotopes.

Can't taste radioactive isotopes.

Can't feel radioactive isotopes.

And they knew this.

Atomic is the same as nuclear; it was just rebranded from a wartime bomb to a so-called peacetime power. Still has the same bad lethal stuff inside it.

Due to the LATENT nature of being exposed, our cancers and diseases show up DECADES later.

After WWII with the help of *Walt Disney, atomic was been rebranded to nuclear. 

*Our Friend the Atom Click here for a 1:47 trailer:

Here is the truth about nuclear energy:

Nuclear is NOT a green energy solution. 

URANIUM MINING is a very, carbon-heavy emission process and a global industry and toxic to those workers.

BUILDING NEW NUCLEAR PLANTS takes up to ten years or more and is not a carbon-free process.

RENEWING THE LICENSES OF THE REALLY OLD NUCLEAR PLANTS built in the 1970s by a computer model - and not going to the site personally - is a recipe for disaster. That is how the industry is now renewing licenses to operate...

DECOMMISSIONING OF THE OLD, NUCLEAR REACTORS through the world emits a massive amount of carbon during the six-plus decades this process requires.

TRANSPORTATION of this highly-radioactive garbage across the United States and through your town and city by trucks and train to the temporary sites is not a carbon-free process.

Nuclear is NOT a safe energy solution.

There still is NO LONG-TERM, SAFE STORAGE OF HIGHLY-RADIOACTIVE, SPENT (another word for 'used' which have to be replaced every 18 to 24 months) FUEL RODS anywhere in the world.

These highly-radioactive garbage sites are EASY TARGETS FOR TERRORISM

These highly-radioactive garbage sites can be used to MAKE DIRTY BOMBS or can be used as targets that will release radiaoctive materials into our air and water currents, which can - and will travel the world.

Google: Putin bombing the Ukrainian Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant now.

Nuclear is NOT a clean energy solution.

We, the people, and our planet included – have been and are the collateral damage of atomic and nuclear bombs and nuclear energy's meltdowns, leaks, accidents, incidents and tunnel collapses - Google: Hanford's PUREX Tunnel collapse 2017.

The long-term (latent) effects of being exposed to ionizing radiation causes cancers of the soft organs of the body, neurological diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, and tumors of the brain and central nervous system.

This has been studied and substantiated since the atomic bombing in Japan, in the Pacific Ocean, and Nevada, and nuclear meltdowns in recent decades. I can email you the sources cited.

The most chilling reasons why we must reject nuclear is for our children and our grandchildren. Too many are sick now…

CAUSE: 1945 Atomic Bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan

EFFECTS:  Between 129,000 and 226,000 people killed and cancers are now prevalent among the survivors.

Pediatric cancer rates in Japan:

CAUSE: 1979 MELTDOWN at Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant, Pennsylvania

EFFECTS:  Three Mile Island Cancers & Diseases Map

4,500+ Three Mile Island Survivors Facebook group

Fundraising for siblings and classmates in Pennsylvania with cancer:

CAUSE: 1986 MELTDOWN Chernobyl, Ukraine

EFFECT: Children of Chernobyl

CAUSE:  2011 Fukushima’s Triple MELTDOWN 


Nuclear is NOT safe, clean, or green - as the global industry is selling it as, and the European Union recently sanctified.

But it is very big business - including the business of cancer.

Nuclear is NOT our future’s energy solution.

Plutonium-239 a man-made radioactive isotope that is necessary to operate  nuclear reactors with a half-life of 24,100 YEARS.

This is what is in the spent fuel rods buried in our country and others, and has been dumped in the ocean...

Please sign our petition for yourself, your children, and your children's children. It's their future. I will make sure our voices are heard.

Thank you for your support to increase AWARENESS and ACTION. I met with representatives in D.C. and the media and presented our demands and solutions to the EPA and CDC in September. Still not done. Need your help. Thank you for signing and sharing this petition.

Thank you,

Jill Murphy Long/Director



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