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Introduce Reproductive Rights for Men

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This petition calls for the introduction of reproductive rights for men, comparable to those currently afforded to women.

1. Ownership of one's sperm. Theft of a man's reproductive tissue ought to constitute a criminal offence. Use of the stolen material to impregnate oneself or another should similarly constitute a criminal offence.

2. The right to opt out of all legal/parental responsibilities pertaining to fraudulent pregnancies or, under certain conditions, accidental pregnancies.  

In considering the previous suggestion, may I refer all to a proposal from American attorney Melanie McCulley, which can best be summarised as follows: when a woman becomes pregnant she has the option of abortion, adoption, or parenthood. Therefore, in the context of legally recognized gender equality, one would expect that in the earliest stages of pregnancy the putative father should have the right to relinquish all future parental rights and financial responsibility, leaving the informed mother with the same three options.

3. Encourage women and abortion clinics to consider the father's position before proceeding with an abortion. Full custody of the child once born could be passed onto the willing father in cases where the mother does not wish to raise the child herself.

To be clear: no woman would (or should) ever be forced to complete a pregnancy against her will.

Remember, at present, in cases of children born out of wedlock, a man cannot be registered as the legal parent/guardian without the mother's consent - extenuating circumstances excepted.

100,000 signatures qualifies the petition for discussion within the House of Commons. For those living outside the UK, consider this a potential first step to comparable rights for men elsewhere.

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