Remove Boris Johnson from Office

Remove Boris Johnson from Office

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Allan Sharpe ha iniciado esta petición dirigida a Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has shown he is incapable  of the job of Prime Minister of Britain.
1.In 4 and a half years he has lied totally about Brexit, it's benefits, and Britain's future  out of the EU. He has  broken international law  by breaking the withdrawl agreement treaty.  The Brexit Referendum Leave Campaign, which he led, was subject of subversion, illegal spending, and probable Russian intereference. 
2. His dithering and delay has cost  thousands of British lives to Coronavirus. Britain is the sick man of Europe, with the highest death toll, even compared to countries with larger populations. His delays  were not just the 1st wave, but the recent 2nd wave as well. 
3, He has squandered Billions  of £s of tax payers money  on outsourcing NHS contracts to private acquaintences, who have failed in many instances to deliver.  Protective clothing that can be used, a test and trace mechanism  that  has taken months  and is still failing. 
4. The Country now faces a £2tn  recession the worse in history and the worse in G7  countries. Meanwhile, as well as wasting £bns   on privatised coronavirus  failed services, he has spent more on Brexit than the 47 years Britain contributed to the EU as a member. 
5. If allowed to  remain in office, we will see the break up of the United Kingdom. Scotland first  look certain to  ask for independence and rejoin the EU. There are also problems imposed by Brexit on the N Ireland border with Eire.  Wales  have their own coronavirus strategy.

Britain under Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson,  is a land of chaos and confusion, with many people  losing their jobs and businesses closing.  Regulations   made by the Prime Minister without consent of Parliament, have too many exemptions and loopholes  to  be totally enforceable  and effective.  They are also unfair to certain businesses and individuals.

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson  has also bolstered  his party numbers in the House of Lords  by granting peerage to  relatives, friends and donors.

In Britain today people are dying unnecessarily, there is unnecessary  poverty and misery. Public Services  are straining  to cope.  

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson stands accused of Cronyism, Kleptocracy, deception, incompetence, indecision, divisiveness. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has shown his bluster  cannot be believed  and has little  solid  factual content. His buffoonery and blundering has cost lives as well as money. He has a lack of empathy  for his people, especially the poor and more recently hungry children and exam results for teenagers.

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson stands accused of destroying Britain , the British way of life, the British quality of life, the British standard of living . He  has to be removed  from office  to  save Britain from destruction.  He has made Britain the laughing stock of the world. 

The Queen has to use her reserved powers, and those contained in Magna Carta Article 61, and as head of state   intervene  on behalf of her subjects. Her Majesty has  to remove  Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson from 10 Downing Street,  and call on Parliament to hold a snap General Election  forthwith.  She has to stop the suffering  of her subjects  at the hands of a man not fit for public office, not fit to serve his country, not  fit  to  show duty of care  to the people. 

Once a new government is formed there should be a public enquiry  into the legality  of the actions of  Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, his advisors and his cabinet ministers, plus others  handed jobs and given contracts without tender or experience. 

IF, this petition fails, there will be more deaths, more unemployment, more poverty and hardship  for the People of Britain, but as a multi millionaire, Boris Johnson and his friends  will remain unscathed. 

I am a patriot.  I have a elder sister in Norfolk   that cannot go out shopping because she has no immune system after chemotherapy. I have  a son and 3 grandchildren in Kent. I want a better future  and opportunities for them.  I am just an ordinary man, representing  what more than  half the population of Britain is thinking.


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Con 5000 firmas, es más probable que esta petición sea publicada en los medios de comunicación locales