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Crystal Vargas started this petition to Her Excellency, Our Queen Elizabeth II and Governor General, Julie Payette.

Your Excellency, Our Queen,

We, the Canadian citizens of Canada, are submitting this Citizen's Non-confidence Vote Petition demanding Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government Cabinet be immediately relieved of their positions and duties as Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, the Ministers of the Government of Canada and Governor General, Julie Payette.

We, the citizens, of the Commonwealth of Canada, are truly concerned by the decisions and behaviour presented by Prime Minister Trudeau. These concerns leave us worried for our safety as a peoples and for the future of our country.

Over the course of the past four years, Mr Prime Minister has been ignoring the voices of his peoples threatening our democratic right to freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of speech and economic prosperity. We are being ruled by speech bans in regards to certain decisions he has made and laws he has, or intends to change. These laws are being changed, we believe, to ensure his own agenda is secured, and not that of the best interest of the citizens he was sworn in to govern or the best interest of our country.

First, was a statement he made when he ran for office. In his acceptance speech, he stated the election of 2015 would be the last election Canada would ever see. At face value, we as voters ignored it, however, Her Majesty, that may have been an error on our part. We have reason to believe he is guilty of election protocol tampering in the 2019 federal election.

Secondly, Mr Prime Minister signed the Migration Pact knowing that his peoples requested a National Debate before signing, and knowing approximately 88% of Canadians are against the signing of the Pact. 

Third, upon signing the Migration Pact, the media and Canadian citizens had been warned that a law is now in effect preventing any of us from discussing immigration matters or the Pact in a negative matter and new laws against "hate speech" will be passed in this coming new year. It is alleged we will be legally prosecuted. This, Her Majesty, is against our Human Charter of Rights as proposed and written by the Human Rights Commission and the Geneva Convention. It is against our Constitution.

Fourth, it is said, Mr Trudeau has changed the Constitution without his peoples awareness to enforce the previous concern. 

Fifth, it is said Mr Prime Minister paid a former ISIS terrorist $11, 000, 000.00, and has invited the terrorists and murderers of this organization to live in our country, leaving his peoples very afraid for our lives and future of Canada. Many of us feel we are under siege, and under Authoritarian rule. Our democratic way taken away from us.

Sixth, Mr Prime Minister has changed the voting laws to allow non-Canadian citizens to vote. Mr Prime Minister is doing this against the cries of his peoples. This, too, is against our Constitutional and Democratic rights, and the Electoral system laws of Canada that have been set forth.

Seventh, Mr Prime Minister was found guilty of ethics violations by the Ethics Committee in regards to his role in the SNC Lavalin affair. To date, it is alleged he is said to have committed at least four crimes, possibly nine, including fundraising fraud as per the Election Canada guidelines. We have demanded a national, independent inquiry and investigation. He refuses to cooperate, Her Majesty.

Eighth, Mr Prime Minister has caused divisiveness in our country. His actions are propagating hate amongst a people that have lived in harmony for 152 years. His disregard for the economic state of the western provinces, and its emotional and economic impact on Canada as a whole, has caused a movement of separation and high rates of suicide. We, the people, will no longer accept this.

Next, Mr Prime Minister further compromises the safety of our country with his introduction of open borders, no vetting and no screening. This action puts the safety of every Canadian man, woman and child at risk. This is unacceptable to all of us as he has passed a gun ban Bill that prevents us from protecting ourselves. We, the people, will not accept this. The Charter of Human Rights clearly states we have a right to defend ourselves.

Lastly, Mr Prime Minister has stated that we, the Canadian people, have no identity, have no value and are replaceable. He has stated he will take on anyone who disagrees with him. These statements prove to us, beyond doubt, he has no loyalty towards the Canadian people or our country.

In conclusion, we further stand firm in our belief that Mr Prime Minister has committed felonious and treasonous acts against us and our country and should be held responsible and accountable, and charged as such under the fullest extent of the law.

Your Excellency, the people of Canada ask for your intervention and assistance by way of forced resignation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and that of his full Cabinet and the Governor General.

We love our country and all that it stands for. We have built it beautiful and strong. We honour our sovereignty and are proud of it. Yet, we fear our freedom and individual sovereignty are being taken from us. We are willing to arm ourselves and fight: an action very unfamiliar to us. We believe we may be forced to leave our land. If this happens, where will we go?

We thank you, all of us, for taking the time from your very busy schedule to hear our concerns. We will add, that our concerns are not those of a merely disgruntled people, but those of true and real concerns and fear.  We will no longer sit quietly and allow this to continue. We have no confidence in his ability as a leader of this country and we demand his immediate removal. We call for a re-election by April 2020.

Further, we demand immediate release from the Corporation and Monarch; full Sovereignty as a nation, that each province and territory be granted Secession and our Constitution be rewritten by the People, for the People.

We await your immediate response.

Yours Truly and Sincerely,

The People of the Commonwealth of Canada



This petition made change with 82,939 supporters!

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