Justice for Zephaniah Trevino

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DONATE TO HER DEFENSE FUND IF YOU HAVE THE MEANS: https://directlyto.org/projects/zephaniah-trevinos-defense-fund/ 

Zephaniah “Zephi” Trevino is a 16 year old Latinx girl who has been accused of aggravated robbery and capital murder. 

Zephaniah was approached in May 2019 by a sex trafficker who used physical threats, threats of death against her family, and drugs. She had recently been exposed to drugs in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend.

Zephaniah’s trafficker killed her purchaser in a conflict. Neither of them have been charged. Instead, the charges have fallen upon an innocent junior in high school - a victim of sex trafficking.

Zephaniah was an active member of her community; her family raised her by their faith, she played softball, and had made the drill team at her local high school in Grand Prairie, Texas. “Everyone who had met our daughter could feel the impact of her loving and caring personality. She loves hard and feels deeply,” her mother, Crystal Trevino, testifies in their Defense Fund description. 

The public defender on her case is encouraging her to take a plea and serve a long sentence for a crime she DID NOT COMMIT. Please sign this petition to show support for the innocence of Zephaniah Trevino, and show the Texas Justice system their shortcomings in defense of young women, especially young POC.