We Are People, demand drastic action to stop police killing.

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It's becoming overbearing for Black and Brown people to walk down any street in America without being killed. There is no accountability when a life is taken at the hands of a peace officer. Just recently, the world has witnessed a police officer put his knee in the back of the neck of a handcuffed person. This act cost this man his life; these acts are all too familiar with little to no justice being served.
It's time that standards be restored! We, the people, are calling on you to act, be the voice. We are asking for all racially motivated killings to be handled by an outside unit, we are calling for a special counsel for all police-involved killings. Police killings where the murder was malicious that involved officer charged as a federal hate crime.
There needs to be an overhaul to police training manuals, officers who receive complaints of excessive force be monitor. There needs to be a mandate that all body cams are running at all times and penalties for them being off.
Blacks live continued to be taken like it's haunting season. Black and Brown people's contribution to America can't be disputed, nor shall the suffering of ancestors be in vain. We are asking for supporting to ensure the safety of all Americans; especially the endangers ones.