Prosecute the murderers who killed George Floyd

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Prosecute the murderers who killed George Floyd

George Floyd was handcuffed and unarmed when he was murdered by Minneapolis Police Officers on Memorial Day as he begged for his life.  He told them he couldn't breathe, he told them they were killing him, and still with grotesquely banal sadism they proceeded to slowly and surely brutalize him to death for nothing. 

Countless bystanders also pleaded with the officers to not kill him, begged for mercy, pointed out that they were killing him, and pointed out how senseless it was.  Still, they killed him in front of his community and in front of the world as we have all seen the video too horrific to share without spreading trauma like a plague.  We all already know what happened.  The question is what are we going to do about it. 

More to the point, what is Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman going to do about it?  He is the one who has the authority and obligation to seek justice for George Floyd by prosecuting those who killed him for their depraved heart murder.  He has the ability to make the words "liberty and justice for all" have real meaning as he has sworn he will do, as he must do.  Those who are empowered to enforce the law are not above it.  Murderers must be prosecuted for murder regardless of what their ethnicity or profession is.  There must be justice for George Floyd.