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Hello Family & Friends,

As most of you know I bought the vacant 2.4 acre corner of Gibson & Kelso Dunes. I have plans to build a Tavern, Gas Station, Convenient Store, and a full service Car Wash. My plans were approved by the City of Henderson Planning Commission. But the developers of the project on the next corner, Gibson & Warm Springs appealed my approval.

They want to build a Tavern and Gas Station & Convenient Store on their corner. The problem in Henderson, you must be at least 2,000 feet away from the nearest Tavern. When we got approved, they were denied. In Henderson, the norm is first come first served. I filed first by 11 days.

My opponent hired former U.S. Senator and Governor Richard Bryant and he is using all his political clout to take the Tavern Permit away from me. At the last meeting they presented a petition signed by 150 people, asking to deny my project and approve their project. They also had 7 to 10 people come to the podium and ask the Mayor and Council to deny my project and approve theirs.

What I am asking you to do is to please sign this online petition to show your support for my Kelso Dunes plans. It's important to Henderson City Council to be able to verify by matching names to addresses. Please send me a private email message at with either your Henderson home or work address so it can be added to this petition AFTER it has been printed out and is no longer avaiable for public viewing. More importantly, we would like as many supporters as possible to come to the Council meeting on Tuesday evening at 6 PM, August 1, at Henderson City Hall. When you enter the Council Chambers a box on the wall will contain Response Cards. Please take one, put your name on it and say you are there to support the Kelso Dunes project. Then take the card up front to the City Clerk.

When my project is being heard the Mayor will call your name and you are to come to the podium. You simply state your name and your address or your business address if it is in Henderson (you do not have to live or work in Henderson, it just helps). Then just say I am here to support the Kelso Dunes project. You can say more if you want. Please bring as many friends as you can and ask them to do the same.

If we can get about 20 people there, my attorney will ask the Mayor if you all can just come up front together, to save time. This show of support will weigh heavy on the Mayor and Council members, they are elected officials. I believe this will be the key to our success.

If we are successful, I will be throwing a party for all at the Sunset Tavern across from City Hall, immediately afterwards.

With this project I will be putting about 55 people to work and as you all know a place where we all can meet and enjoy being together. SUPPORTING LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS WHO ARE TRYING TO PROVIDE JOBS TO LOCAL RESIDENTS AND WHO HAVE HELPED BUILD OUR COMMUNITY IS IMPERATIVE TO OUR LIVLIHOOD AND THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Please let me know if you can come and hopefully how many will come with you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you so much for your support. 

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