Hemp & Cannabis Freedoms + Protections for our HEALTH! Legalization is NOT Freedom :(

Hemp & Cannabis Freedoms + Protections for our HEALTH! Legalization is NOT Freedom :(

July 7, 2022
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Started by Levi Lyon

My Name is Levi Lyon and I was arrested for #Cannabis in my recreationally legal State of Washington. How did this HAPPEN??? My new understanding of what “legalization" means is our #Health and #Wellness has been high-jacked for #Greed & #GrossProfits by the state. Basically the WAR-ON-US continues even 10 years after Washington State voted to “legalize" cannabis. These new RCW/ Laws and codes have now further eroded our #CivilRights and #Liberties. The State of Washington has figured out how to "Legalize" Cannabis for #PROFITS (47% tax here) at the same time create unconstitutional laws in which they have started enforcing these laws on its citizens including my family, myself and many others. Here's our personal story >  https://gofund.me/ca07d503

I'm also going to set some other links and in my opinion factual information from Scientists/Doctors here at the bottom of this petition so you and others can start to understand and develop your own opinions about what this means for your market and the industry as it rolls out. The #CaseLaws created from our imminent and likely eminent #LAWSUIT faithfully will bring #HOPE to cannabis consumers worldwide but we need your help!

#PLEASE sign our petition and make a donation to help us #FIGHT a government body with unlimited resources and funding. Right now/currently, laws and codes exist preventing our #RightToAssemble, #ForcedBloodDraw, #RightToBearArms & most notably these rules and actions have pushed out our medical market and prevented #Blacks #Browns and other #Minority groups from entering the market. After 10 years there's still only about 1% black & minority ownership in our state. How is this right and how can this BE? You may want to read this well-crafted opinion by The Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy & Miller Nash's Turbulent History of Cannabis Regulatory Enforcement in Washington State. If you reach me or contact me in person I will gladly send you what I have of this 60+ page report. 

More on me, my thoughts, and possible solutions :) 

Free The Weed � A Cannabis Cure

Before we begin in more detail, I cannot even begin to describe the pain, agony and heartache I feel for all of those who have suffered because of the CANNABIS PLANT remaining on the schedule 1 DRUG list. Call it a “drug” if you want but I see it as a CANNABIS PLANT that needs to be relabeled FOOD/Nutrients = SUPERFOOD. Even the definition of cannabis in the dictionary says it bears fruit. 

After 3 years discovery and investigation & 20+ years of working in the cannabis community as an advocate, I believe I’m starting to understand why cannabis is being held from us and our health deprived!!! I hope you read about OUR* story (Yours Too) as you are also impacted ❤️‍� or soon will understand the impact of how Washington State and other states across the country are steeling natures miracle plant and using our ”Essential Need” for these hemp & cannabis plants as leverage to deprive us of our rights! 

My name is Levi Lyon, I used to be a proud business owner of LyonPrideMusic + other businesses prior to Government Interference and a #WrongfulArrest on Nov 23rd, 2019 > https://gofund.me/ca07d503 This is just the beginning of the governments attempt to bring back the war-on-drugs after they rob us and tax us on our mental health! 

For 17+years (since 2005) I’ve been the Entertainment Director @ Seattle Hempfest (World Largest Free Speech/Cannabis Festival, attracting millions of attendees since 1991). I wrote the 1st ever Cannabis PSA campaigns on impairment awareness using one☝️of the worlds largest media conglomerates (iHeart Radio), while touring across the country in efforts to educate and activate cannabis back into our lives. During these years at Hempfest I remained a sober supporter & volunteer transporting 1000’s of bands and speakers to many of the stages throughout the mile long park. I was told personal testimony, some of the most amazing stories of healing and love I’ve ever heard about the plant. Getting first hand experience, gestures of kindness and respect from the most diverse and practically Un-Policed crowds in America. How is it that so many backgrounds and walks of life can without waiver spread so much positivity, exchange light and hope within each-other and participate in what could be the most people in one place consuming cannabis together in solidarity ever :) !!! This is in essence true PEACE ☮️, I certainly believe it’s the beginning of what’s to come if we can put a stop to the Evils lurking. 

Now for the known first hand tale and insight of what I’ve learned, I hope you can agree to sign our petition, share, or at the very least donate to our cause. I’m personally devoting my time and energy as a humanitarian to bring a better life to all  (Starting with a strategy to de-escalate the homelessness pandemic we are headed towards). I know in all my heart that cannabis is our salvation to healing and solutions for our ever-growing homelessness situation. I’m a home owner in Tacoma Washington. Everyday the number of stolen grocery carts and disruption increases in our neighborhood. As I speak and talk to the homeless and volunteer solutions for these humans, (they are still humans) the more I hear them calling out for purpose and their needs/concerns of which has mainly been thirst. These homeless, many of them Vetrans, are wondering how they are going to survive the months ahead without water.  And all our local governments continue to do is push the homeless around and uproot them from any consistency they have. It’s heartbreaking and it’s just the beginning + the state almost put me and my family on the streets with the rest of the homeless though their #ArrestEfforts involving seeking out and purposefully attempting to harm us via the arrest. I guess that's what any unconstitutional law unchecked brings. Thats why its so important we get backing and support for this fight! I have solutions using our cannabis industry to help the homeless and we have been shut down from helping them! WTF?!

Want to know more? 
Well, The Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board (WSLCB) created corrupt, unethical, and unconstitutional regulations around cannabis and I’m certain they are doing it with purpose and intent. Here's the exact law they used against us to arrest me > https://app.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=69.50.465

#1, This state agency called WSLCB, appointed by our governor to regulate our cannabis industry has backed policy for baring cannabis consumers from owning #Guns and protecting themselves and other good intended peoples (this has lead to increased robberies and deaths). 
Here are some articles to help stir the discussion. �
1. https://www.seattletimes.com/business/my-guns-or-my-ganja-firearm-owning-pot-fans-face-a-choice/

2. https://www.wgrz.com/amp/article/news/local/will-consuming-cannabis-impact-your-ability-to-purchase-a-firearm/71-8f321d85-caa0-4a28-8ba5-2043e61fb203

3. https://greenlightlawgroup.com/blog/supreme-court-justice-clarence-thomas-calls-federal-pot-prohibition-policies-incoherent

#2, Washington State and others follow in allowing for discrimination based abuse of policing powers when pulling people over for Green-DUI or driving under the influence of cannabis. My friend Mike recently was pulled over by Washington police officers and asked “have you been smoking today”?, In which he replied, “No”! The officer then asked to search the vehicle and Mike responded “No”, so they get a warrant, still find nothing so they then take him to the hospital where they hold him down against his will and force blood draw him to see if they can prosecute him for an unscientific 5ng/ml of THC in his system. This is the beginnings of the War-On-Drugs brought back & #PolicingForProfit re-created. 

I’ve found some data suggesting that #BUSTS many of the #LIES about cannabis also. As we re-learn the true facts about cannabis and discover more about our Endo Cannabinoid System (ECS) and how cannabis helps to balance #Homeostasis within our bodies, it's unforsaken the state and likely the government will conjure ways to continue to profit by harming us if we continue to let them. It is going to be an uphill race as we battle to rectify the nearly 100 years of negative bias towards cannabis, we have lots of work to do in understanding the true nature of this miracle plant. Recent discovery and scientific research even within the last decade suggests that small or normal use of cannabis can positively effect our motor skills as a stimulant, upticks our ESC, and brings balance or homeostasis to oneself.  Here are some good videos/article to catch you up to speed and get you on our page of understanding.




Even the government suggests we should legalize all drugs??? So what’s the Plan or strategy really? I suspect #GREED & #PROFITS or a HIDDEN AGENDA! ???


What part of “The War On Drugs” worked? The money profit side? here's another interesting Docu-Movie  > https://youtu.be/rHsDlqnTZ1c


Peers of mine are dying around me and I try to hold the torch of light and freedom for this cannabis plant ! These other tremendously brave humans, and my mentors, Share Parker, Jim Matheson & Vivian McPeak + a million others have fought so hard to FREE this plant from the government grip. So many others have paid the price via hardships of an arrest and usually results in broken family! Let us bring back our tools/plant medicine and our cultural beliefs. It’s wrong to keep us from such an essential plant using tax and licensing. In my eyes this is a tax on our health and these licenses are discriminatory actions to prevent the truly brave individuals that kept and created certain cultivars during the war from healing. We need to reward & award the brave growers and shakers from the war to have 1st chance at acquiring these opportunities to share their knowledge. With just a bit of research you'll see stories of "legalization" are mostly that of profiteers, corporations or simply friends or peers of the government that are being awarded licenses or granted money making opportunities from this new health and wellness industry and these wrongdoings hurt my soul :(. It just isn't right!

I remember being on the bandwagon for "legalization" and had had faith in our state and government to guide us in a positive way, but time and time again they showed us that their intentions were far from ordinary. Once the state started chasing out the medical market (Medical = Health) and arresting individuals based on bias and un-factual findings because they created laws around these falsehoods + the unfathomable arrest of me and my family, my views suddenly shifted! Huh, I thought to myself, this can't be what cannabis “legalization" is?

This madness for Power, Greed & Control over us is reshaping what I believe to be "Gods Gift To Us All", and the Devil is trying to #Corrupt Cannabis again! Hope your following and willing to ACT :) and I really hope some of the 200 million cannabis users worldwide are willing to contribute to getting us back into our TOUR Busses so we can again activate, educate and emulate positive healing of our communities. If we get only $1 and 1 share from everyone that consumed cannabis we could do some serious advocacy! donate link > https://gofund.me/ca07d503

Please don't hesitate to reach me either 253.606.4541 text, info & updates; Text LPMTV to 95577 or email LeviLyon@me.com and just maybe we can set up an event or free speech concert near you ;), I was just awarded Executive Producer of the Hempfest 5part Docs-Series and am looking for partnerships in helping tell the 30 year story of history and industry surrounding the Worlds Largest Cannabis Protestival + the Nations largest Free-Speech event. If you are interested in being featured in this documentary also reach out :). https://vimeo.com/690323986




Here’s one more final scientific video that is a MUST WATCH �� https://youtu.be/ht3getj1U0o

This one is literally my favorite for debunking #CannabisBias https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3IpY-qeSto


Levi Lyon
Info: Text LPMTV to 95577




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Signatures: 1,351Next Goal: 1,500
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