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My name is Founé, I am 22 years old and I live in the suburbs of Paris. I am passionate about football and I have been fighting for more than a year to allow all women, including those who wear the veil, to practice their favorite sport in official competitions. I am a member of the Hijabeuses union.

Today, thousands of women, like me, passionate about football and having made the intimate choice to wear the veil, are excluded from the fields. Being excluded from a football field was personally one of the greatest humiliations of my life. This is the case for thousands of women today in France, who juggle between abandonment, loss of self-confidence, fear and apprehension. The only thing these women ask for is to be able to play, experience competition, experience victories and defeats, have fun, be free, feel good about themselves while remaining true to themselves. The only thing they ask for is to be able to live their passions like everyone else.

However, the French Football Federation (FFF) like the majority of national sports federations forbids it by using arguments such as a supposed neutrality in sport or even invoking principles of hygiene and safety. While the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) authorizes the wearing of head coverings since 2014, France is one of the only countries in the world that prohibits it. It is incomprehensible for us, because all we want is to play.

For months, we tried with the Hijabeuses, to negotiate with the FFF in the hope of establishing a fruitful dialogue and working collectively in respect of sporting values. Our multiple requests remain unanswered to date. Although extremely weakened by this situation, we seized the Council of State with the help of our lawyer Marion Ogier, in order to have this discrimination recognized at the level of the law.

While we were impatiently waiting for the Council of State to take a position on the matter/question, on January 19, 2022, 160 senators voted for an amendment, within the framework of the bill on the democratization of sport, in order to prohibit any conspicuous religious sign during sports competitions. These senators are explicit about their intentions since they do not hesitate to specify, in the explanatory memorandum, that this is neither more nor less than to prohibit “the veil”. 


But what have they against my veil? What do they have against my freedom to believe and to chose, what do they have against me? I am forced to choose between my religious beliefs and my desire to be an athlete, to be accepted and acceptable? While the problem is in the fact that we are still today having to claim the right to play sports. Because some believe they have the right to undermine my identity and my dignity.

This amendment, if passed by the National Assembly, would mean that thousands of French women, wearing the veil, will once again be excluded, sidelined, marginalized and stigmatized. These women, for whom sport represents not only a fundamental right but also, more concretely, an escape, a means of living their dreams and of realizing themselves. These women, these athletes, these students, these mothers, who are reduced to their veils, will be forced to stop, because we refuse to accept that they are much more than that, and that their talents do not have any limits.

A joint committee plans to meet Monday, the 31st January, to decide on this amendment. 

Thus, I call on our political representatives, senators and deputies, to take their responsibilities and to position themselves against this amendment, because of its draconian and profoundly anti-republican character.

I urge  the Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineaunu, the Minister delegate for Equality between Men and Women, of the Diversity and Opportunies, Elizabeth Moreno, as well as the government, to position itself clearly on the matter, so that the values of our country: liberty, equality, and fraternity can shine, including in sports. 

I urge/appeal to the parliamentarians to position themselves in our favor, as representatives of the people, so that no woman has to wonder every weekend, with a lump in her stomach, if she will still have to beg for a place on a sports field. 

In order to honor the values of sport, and make it a banner of unity and tolerance, and not division. 

I appeal/urge all citizens sensitize to the right to do sports :

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0 a signé. Prochain objectif : 75 000 !
Quand elle atteindra 75 000 signatures, cette pétition deviendra l'une des plus signées sur !