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Help us Stop the Illegal Deforestation of Prey Lang Forest in Cambodia

SPECIAL POST: The Prey Lang Network Mourns the Death of Chut Vuthy

On April 26th, 2012, Chut Vuthy, a partner in the fight to stop illegal logging throughout Cambodia, was shot to death by Military Police. Vuthy refused to hand over memory cards containing photos of a company incursion into publically held land. He is the most prominent activist to die in Cambodia since 2004. 

Network leaders were on hand at Vuthy's funeral, and have joined in protests since his death. They say that they do not live in fear following Vuthy's death, but instead will continue his work: "We will face problems, and we will struggle. We have experienced all sorts of problems with land disputes but we are not afraid." - Doung Douem 

By signing this petition, your voice is added to those against the silencing of activists; please support the Prey Lang Network's efforts to end exploitative land concessions and illegal logging. 


About Prey Lang and its Environmental Significance

Prey Lang is the last large primary forest of its kind on the Indochinese peninsula. Inclusive of seven distinct ecosystems including unique primordial forest, Prey Lang’s biodiversity is exceptionally high, including at least  40 endangered plant and animal species. 

As a primary watershed, regulating water and sediment flow to the Tonle Sap Basin, and as an important spawning area for fish, Prey Lang is vital for Cambodia’s long-term environmental sustainability and people’s food and water security. With among the highest carbon sequestration values in the region, it is a powerhouse for fighting global warming.

About 200,000 people, mostly indigenous Kuy, live around the forest and are dependent on it for their livelihoods and culture.

The Fight to Save Prey Lang: A Community Unites

The Prey Lang community, which represents mostly indigenous Kuy communities around the forest, are taking the lead in the fight to save Prey Lang.  They have petitioned the government on numerous occasions to protect Prey Lang and cooperate with relevant government agencies to co-manage the Forest, while staving off encroachment by private sector interests.

“We [the Kuy] have been here for generations, and the forest did not disappear,” Ru Lark, network member and Kuy elder, said.  “We know how to take care of the forest but in the face of new development we need the government’s commitment and help to protect and manage the forest in a sustainable way.”

Cambodia’s Forestry Administration has identified Prey Lang as an important area for conservation, with high potential for carbon-credit financing. But the fact that Prey Lang remains unprotected and that concessions continue to be awarded even in primary forest, calls that plan into question.

Developments around the forest have now accelerated markedly.  Rubber concessionaires are clearing both community-use forest and primary forest.  New roads are ushering in migrants and illegal logging. High gold prices have motivated a rash of illegal gold mines, using toxic chemicals, along Prey Lang’s rivers

What They’re Doing

Responding to these rapid changes, the community has united to form a citizens’ brigade. Their actions have included both local and national-level events. Inspired by the film “Avatar,” they attracted national and international attention to Prey Lang in colorful demonstrations in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.  

Network members have also:

-       Staged repeated protests in and around Prey Lang, including a 10-day “occupation” of the forest to call public attention to illegal logging and land concessions, and road blocks to hinder the transport of illegal timber,

-       Collected over 30,000 sign-ons for  a petition to save Prey Lang, presented to the Royal Government of Cambodia,

-      Initiated forest patrols, including youth groups, to challenge  illegal logging and clearing,

-       Mapped various areas of the forest to track government concessions and illegal activities and to document their own forest claims,

-       Conducted simple biodiversity surveys to document species important for community livelihoods and traditional practices,

-       Attracted a national following, including a coalition of civil society organizations who support their cause, even though they do not live in the Prey Lang area, and

-       Intimidated companies operating illegally by demonstrating the power of community action and community cohesion

“This forest is important for everyone,”  Phai Vun Leang, 48, asserted. “Without forest, there is  no life. In the Kuy language, Prey Lang means “our forest.”  This forest is for everyone.  Prey Lang is our forest but it is your forest, too. You can help save it.”

What Comes Next

The Royal Government of Cambodia has recently drafted a Sub-Decree which would provide for the establishment of a Prey Lang Forestry Protected and Biodiversity Conservation Area. While the sub-decree represents a positive step forward, Prey Lang community members are concerned that the designated area excludes important areas of forest while also cutting many of  surrounding communities from the forest and making the boundary of the forest largely concessions, a plan that it unlikely to be effective in saving either the forest or the communities which depend on it.

International attention that advocates for the protection of the forest and for respecting the rights of forest communities, including their engagement in forest management, is urgently needed. The Royal Government of Cambodia has consistently shown itself positively influenced by international attention. Help us to shine the spotlight on Prey Lang in order to protect the forest and its communities.

How to Help

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Add your voice today to help save Prey Lang Forest. Prey Lang is your forest, too.


Letter to
Prime Minister, Cambodia Hun Sen
Minister, Ministry of Agriculture Forest and Fisheries, Cambodia Chan Sarun
Minister, Ministry of Industry, mines and energy, Cambodia Suy Sen
and 1 other
Minister, Ministry of Environment, Cambodia Mok Mareth
Please stop the destruction of the Prey Lang forest and support the Prey Lang Network for cooperative, community-based protection and sustainable management.

Prey Lang is the last large primary forest of its kind on the Indochinese peninsula. As one Cambodia’s most important remaining watersheds, it supports the food, water, and livelihoods for hundreds of thousands of people. Prey Lang provides habitat for as many as 50 endangered species and is a powerhouse to fight climate change.

We applaud the initiatives of the Prey Lang Network, representing the forest communities, to save Prey Lang. We support the Network’s call to the Prime Minister Hun Sen and the Cambodian Government to:

• Stop granting economic land concessions and suspend all those already granted in Prey Lang and the surrounding buffer areas;
• Give protected status to Prey Lang and keep and conserve Prey Lang as a heritage for Cambodia; and
• Recognize the Prey Lang Network to be partners with the government in co-management of the forest.

In the Kuy language, Prey Lang means “our forest.” We believe Prey Lang is so important that is belongs to the world. Cambodia is OUR forest, too.

Again, I respectfully urge you to take action to save Prey Lang Forest and to develop a sustainable management plan, inclusive of the Prey Lang Network and the forest communities.


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