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Help Us Start an Earth Day Revolution - Sign the Declaration!


Nearly 40 years ago, Earth Day was started to help focus public attention on our fragile environment and what we can do to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and natural habitats throughout the world.

As we approach this Earth Day on April 22nd, the Senate is considering climate and clean energy legislation that would have an important and lasting impact on our environment. We must urge them to pass it.

Help us start an Earth Day revolution by signing our Declaration of Energy Independence to the Senate.


Letter to
U.S. Senate
Since the first Earth Day began 40 years ago, and despite incredible progress on environmental protection, America has a failing energy policy that continues to reward polluters, undermines the health of the American people, threatens our national and economic security and keeps us dependent on energy sources from overseas.

We call on the Congress to finally push aside the obstruction of the polluter lobby and stand with America's Clean Energy Patriots. We call for America's elected leaders to join us as Clean Energy Patriots and deliver on the promise of a clean energy revolution and climate action now.

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