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Help us spread awareness and delegalize scopolamine before it empowers criminals and overpowers the USA!

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      Imagine waking up in a bathtub with an organ cut out and a sign saying, “you have five hours to get to the hospital.” That’s just one of the many horror stories about Scopolamine mentioned by Ryan Duffy in the documentary, “World’s Scariest Drug.” Scopolamine is made from “Borrachero” tree, which is a deceptively beautiful white and yellow flower, can yield to one of the most dangerous white powders in the world. This colorless, odorless, and tasteless drug can be blown into unsuspecting victims’ faces, sprinkled in their food, or hidden in fruity cocktails. Within minutes of exposure, the victims are completely drugged and it can last hours and hours, and up to a few days depending on the dosage given.

            The potential hazards of this drug explicitly lie within the drug’s unique biochemistry. Essentially, scopolamine blocks memory encoding, the first stage of making memories. In other words, the information never gets stored in the first place unlike scopolamine’s cousin, known as “roofies”, which creates the memory but doesn’t allow a victim to retrieve it. Scopolamine doesn’t allow the victims to identify who their perpetrator was because they never formed the memory to begin with. Consequentially, the nature of that fact alone is why this drug is commonly associated with rapes and robberies. For example, after being exposed to “The Devil’s Breath,” the perpetrator will lead an individual to an ATM machine to clear out the victim’s bank account. The scariest side effect of this drug is that the victim is not just more than willing to cooperate in the crime, they are genuinely excited to aid in their own robbery. As previously mentioned, a victim will never be able to identify the perpetrator since the memory of the entire crime was never encoded.

             Scopolamine initially had medical uses such as reducing motion sickness and used as an anesthetic during child birth. While the drug was utilized for these medical purposes, it eventually became a mind-controlling drug in 1922 when the CIA investigated the use of Scopolamine as a “truth serum.” Interestingly, in ancient times, the drug was administered to the mistresses of dead Colombian leaders. The women were given the drug, told to enter their master’s grave, and they were simply buried alive and forgotten. Presently, scopolamine has been used criminally for decades and it’s been getting worse and worse. Statistically speaking, the San Jose University Hospital in Bogota gets several scopolamine victims every week (reported about 500 people per month). Also, the U.S State Department estimates 50,000 victim cases each year.                   

             Scopolamine does not discriminate- anyone of any age can be a victim of this. This drug has become popular mostly in Colombia but also in Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Ecuador where it is grown commercially and may be smuggled onto cruise-ships and is finding its’ way to America. Our hopes and goals with this online petition are to highlight the dangers associated with the potential influence of scopolamine integrating into American drug lord culture.  It’s as easy as typing into Google “purchase scopolamine” and within days, you can have the most notorious drug associated with rapes and burglaries at your doorstep. How scary is that? New York has recently reported hundreds of incidences of criminal activity involving scopolamine (, which shows our fears turning into a reality.

            We want to ensure regulation of the selling and buying of the drug/seeds from other countries and also creating harsh punishments for those Americans caught growing and selling it. With that said, we want Congress to introduce a bill that would implement strict charges related to acquiring this drug, possession, and usage with criminal intent.  Once it’s been passed and becomes a law, the Drug Enforcement Administration will regulate the law before this drug gains more criminal recognition in America. It has already has been used for numerous crimes in the USA and we want to ensure safety of American citizens by creating strict charges associated with this drug. We also want to illuminate the issues with this drug to the famous Oprah Winfrey, who has an unparallel social platform to spread awareness.

      "This happened to my great aunt, a woman in her late 60's in Medellin," says Mel from Naples, Fl, in the Daily Mail, a British newspaper. "Someone drugged her by blowing [the powder] in her face and took her to the bank where she emptied her bank account willingly for her assailant," he writes. "When she came out it she couldn't remember who the person was. Let’s all cooperate and spread awareness so our well-being is preserved before scopolamine begins to terrorize American society as it already has in Colombia.

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