Help us saving one of London's largest Nature Reserves by Keeping the Park Ranger Services in Barking & Dagenham

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We are petitioning to protect one of London's largest Nature Reserve, which covers more then 260 hectares in East London - a unique & treasured habitat full of wildlife with over 175 different species of birds, rare Black Poplar trees and Water voles - both in decline.

It's a fantastic place to get away from the daily pressures of the City (see the comments below) and Outdoor classroom educating more than 3,000 children per year that MUST be protected - something currently done by a dedicated team of 12 Park Rangers.
This service, and with it the entire reserve and educational facilities are now under threat and need your help:

Barking & Dagenham council agreed on Monday, 19th Nov 2012 to cut 7 members of the Ranger Services from March 2013– to generate a marginal cost saving, but with no adequate replacement in place (see link to the proposal below).

This decision as it stands at the moment would leave the entire Chase Nature Reserve & Eastbrookend Country Park site, as well as other parks in the borough spreading over an area of 260 hectares completely unmanaged.

It is not clear what the opportunity costs in doing so are – but they are expected to be substantial and with far reaching adverse consequences as the proposal will likely cause:

  • Increased vandalism and abuse of the infrastructure meaning parks are feeling less safe;
  • Wild camping;
  • Increased fly-tipping negatively affecting the park, wildlife and habitat and fisheries;
  • Loss of the outdoor classroom: which provides currently education for 3,000 school children each year;
  • and Other issues (which the council has failed to specify in its risk assessment – but use your imagination to figure out what these may be.) 

In summary, all of this will have an unavoidable negative impact on the neighbourhood and local community.

We fear that this will cause unforgivable, non-rectifiable and unnecessary damage to one of London’s largest nature reserves and wildlife habitats.

And in order to protect it for future generations we need to INTERVENE and NEED YOUR SUPPORT NOW - before it is too late!

By signing this petition, you are helping us to convince the council to reconsider their decision and look at alternative ways and means to manage the site going forward. The council is aware of our campaign and has advised that we will need 1,200 signatures by mid-February 2013 in order to get this debated at a meeting of the Assembly (i.e. the full council) - which is why we are asking urgently for your support.

If you are a local resident in the borough of Barking and Dagenham and want to help with the petition you can download a paper copy from the following link:

Once completed, please scan and send it via email back to:

Thanks for your help!

Everything about the beauty of the Nature Reserve under threat can be found here:

You can read all the details in the council’s cost-cutting proposal here:

And also, have a look at the current event brochure and see what the Ranger Services provide (which would mostly be lost):

So, if you are a user of the parks in the borough, then you are automatically a user of the Ranger Services.

And, if you love the nature reserve and the borough's parks the way they are now, then please support this petition to keeping the Ranger Services – every single vote counts.

THANK YOU for your support.

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