Save the West Langney Marsh

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120 acres of marsh land with a 12 acre lake, the area is in the middle of Eastbourne East Sussex and it is home to 5 grazing water buffalo and rare flora and fauna. The habitat is maintained by grazing and a small amount of unobtrusive maintenance. some areas have been adapted for bees and reptiles which flourish in the area

The area also holds communities of water insects that are not found anywhere else in the area.

The main lake is home to water rails, coots, moor hens, ducks, and swans with the lake being used as an over wintering port of call to migrating wildfowl. The area is used by the local school 3 days a week enhancing the children's knowledge of the environment. The children also use the lake for paddle boarding as this makes no wake for nesting birds in the reeds. The local community have also enjoyed the tranquility of the area by walking, photographing, picnicking as well as many different bird watching societies visiting throughout the year.

Now it is suggested by a local resident that a cable wake boarding park is placed right in the middle of the 120 acres of natural beauty. This would have an environmental impact on the whole site and hold no benefit to anyone other than wake boarders. wake boarding is regularly done 20 miles away on camber sands, there is also a wake boarding facility in Brighton; a facility that already exists in the area. There is no reason as to why this park should be developed, as it would cause a negative impact on the environment that we have all come to respect and enjoy.

So do we want this?

Or would you like the area kept as it has been for the last 20 years with access to the general public to enjoy the tranquility of the walks; the area and the space; completely unobtrusive to the wildlife. With a lake where people can enjoy peace and quiet, more importantly the natural environment and also a managed area for wildlife and flora