Mayor Barb Desjardins Esquimalt, Save our Orcas Stop polluting our sensitive ecosystems

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Help us Save our Orcas
Stop polluting our sensitive ecosystems by Dumping Raw Sewage and Contaminants; onto our Beaches, into Creeks, the Gorge Waterway / Victoria Harbour Watershed or any body of water.

Tell Mayor Barb Desjardins of The Township of Esquimalt to use the $17 MILLION DOLLARS of the McLoughlin Amenity Funds to fix Esquimalt's Leaky, Polluting Storm Sewers and Drains wisely, fix this disaster once and for all. 28years of engineering reports and very little accomplished 

A Regional Strategy to Create a Clean, Healthy Aquatic Environment in The Capital Regional District,  Township of Esquimalt, City of Victoria, District of Saanich, District of Oak Bay, please stop the dumping of raw sewage and contaminants onto our Beaches, into Creeks, the Gorge Waterway / Victoria Harbour Watershed or any body of water. Let's protect our sensitive aquatic ecosystems  now.

We, the undersigned residents of Canada, draw the attention of the House of Commons in Parliament Assembled, Province of British Columbia Legislature Assembled, The Capital Regional District, City of Victoria, Township of Esquimalt, District of Saanich, District of Oak Bay to the following:

Whereas Sewage and Contaminants entering in our beaches, oceans, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water known as our Beaches, Creeks, Juan de Fuca, Gorge Waterway / Victoria Harbour Watershed pose a dire threat to our fisheries, sensitive ecosystems, marine mammals, wildlife, human health, communities, and individuals

And whereas raw sewage and contaminants make their way to these bodies of water in a variety of ways including stormwater/sewer outfalls; direct run-off/water and septic tank waste.

Therefore, we the undersigned call upon the Canadian federal government, the Province of British Columbia, The Capital Regional District, City of Victoria, Township of Esquimalt, District of Saanich, District of Oak Bay to work with the provinces, municipalities, and indigenous communities to develop a Capital Regional District strategy to combat storm sewage / septic tank runoff pollution in and around aquatic environments, which would include the following measures:

1. Regulations aimed at ending
a) Sewage and Contaminant discharge from storm sewer/water outfalls,
b) Urban runoff from roads, parking lots, commercial and industrial facilitates, and
c) Residential and industrial waterborne pollutants and sediments, from washing cars, redevelopment projects, landscaping, gardening and bad farming practice.

2. Create permanent, dedicated, and annual funding for;
a) Complete Restoration or Rebuilding our Storm Water / Sewage system to eliminate Storm Water Outfalls where possible,
b) Community-led projects to teach best management practices to prevent contaminants and sewage from entering beaches and other aquatic peripheries
c) Education and outreach campaigns to inform communities of the causes and negative impacts that sewage and contaminants have on the environment in and around all bodies of water, and
d) Technical training of local staff in the identification of spills and the appropriate response.
e) Formation of a Storm Water Utilities that deal with annual and long-term funding, planning, water quality, water quantity, elimination of stormwater outfalls where possible.

Mayor and Council City of Victoria
Mayor Lisa Helps
Councillor Marianne Alto
Councillor Chris Coleman
Councillor Ben Isitt
Councillor Jeremy Loveday
Councillor Margaret Lucas
Councillor Pamela Madoff
Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe
Councillor Geoff Young

Mayor and Council Township of Esquimalt
Mayor Barbara Desjardins
Councillor Olga Liberchuk
Councillor Tim Morrison
Councillor Susan Low
Councillor Beth Burton-Krahn
Councillor Meagan Brame
Councillor Lynda Hundleby

District of Oak Bay
Mayor Nils Jensen
Councillor Hazel Braithwaite
Councillor Tom Croft
Councillor Michelle Kirby
Councillor Kevin Murdoch
Councillor Tara Ney
Councillor Eric Zhelka

District of Saanich Council
Mayor Richard Atwell
Councillor Leif Wergeland
Councillor Dean Murdock
Councillor Vicki Sanders
Councillor Colin Plant
Councillor Judy Brownoff
Councillor Fred Haynes
Councillor Susan Brice
Councillor Karen Harper

Members of Parliament for Southern Vancouver Island

MP Murray Rankin Victoria

Members Legislative Assembly for Southern Vancouver Island
MLA Premier John Horgan Langford - Juan de Fuca
MLA Carole James Victoria-Beacon Hill
MLA Lana Popham Saanich South
MLA Rob Fleming Victoria-Swan Lake
MLA Mitizi Dean Esquimalt – Metchosin


How much to fix the 390 known leaky Sewer Line, leaking Raw Sewage directly into the Gorge Waterway Victoria Harbour, and a guesstimate to fix the rest of Esquimalt's Leaky, Polluting Storm Sewers and Sanitary Sewers $70,000,000 +++ Millions

The "pollution tracker" was put out by Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise.|PWPVH3|sediment

If you click on Victoria's Harbour testing zones they don't look pretty.... would love your thoughts.

1) Re-inventing Rainwater Management in the Capital Region
Filed in: Healthy Watersheds and AirshedsLaw reformPollutionProvince-wideResearchSustainable Communities | February 24, 2010 by The Environmental Law Centre Society
Acting for the Veins of Life Watershed Society, the comprehensive report, Re-inventing Rainwater Management: Protecting Health and Restoring Nature in the Capital Region, documents the vast damage stormwater causes and then lays out a strategy for solving the problem. 


2)  The Capital Regional District, of Greater Victoria,  Stormwater / Storm sewer water quality monitoring reports published since 1993

3) Green Infrastructure and Issues in Managing
Urban Stormwater
Claudia Copeland
Specialist in Resources and Environmental Policy
May 2, 2016

4) Transport Canada reports on the condition of our Harbour, several reports on what is being discharged into our Victoria Harbour / Gorge Waterway, Over a dozen reports, Shocking that nothings being done.


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