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Help us Bring Wael Kassem Back to His Family

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Our broken immigration and national security policies are destroying, yet another, thriving family, with American children.

Please sign this petition and say you do not condone the new immigration agenda and racial profiling of people of color. Wasting taxpayer dollars on deporting persons with no criminal record, that work-hard, pay taxes and raise star students, makes no sense and has to stop. It is against our country’s interests and more importantly it is inhumane and runs against the sanctity of family.

Wael Kassem, a model member of his community, father to three academically exceptional daughters and husband of a community leader and loving wife, faces unjust imminent deportation by ICE (Immigrations Customs Enforcement). He has never committed a crime, works legally, and pays taxes. He will leave behind 3 young children and a wife. The family will lose their sole breadwinner.

In 2002, Wael complied with the notorious, racist and debunked NSEERS program (National Security Entry-Exit Registration). The flawed Bush-era anti-terrorism program that targeted largely Muslims, on pretextual national security grounds, without particularized suspicion, devastated countless innocent hard-working families and continues to devastate the Kassems. The government program generated not a single terrorist lead. Finally, NSEERS’s regulatory framework was dismantled under the Obama administration and is largely deemed a total failure. Despite the NSEERS program shut-down, it is what flagged Wael, blackballing him for final deportation today. By complying again with government order, Wael appeared, for a routine supervisory visit with ICE last Thursday. Today, he is set to be deported at any moment.

Facing the unimaginable, the Kassem children and his wife, are devastated. Their lives have been turned completely upside-down because of Wael’s situation. The family and their community are simply inconsolable. As if that were not bad enough, the US government is returning him to Egypt, where his basic human rights will be denied.. There, he is very likely going to face persecution and severe political strife, in violation of our and international law, given the torture and detention his own father faced for years. NSEERS and our broken immigration system have failed this nation and this exceptional family.

We cannot allow this to happen on our watch. Please sign this petition to put an end to these illegitimate immigration crackdowns and an end to unjust targeting of hardworking immigrants.



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