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Bullying takes place in schools nationwide every day, and affects students, classrooms, friends, and families. The rate of suicide by students who are bullied is rising. All students deserve an education free from bullying and harassment.  Bullies need to know there are REAL consequences for their actions.  The City of Monona recently passed an ordinance that should go a long way toward holding bullies (and their parents) accountable:  

The current policies do nothing to solve the problem.  Help us empower the students against bullying in ANY form.

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State Senator Nikiya Harris Dodd
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State Representative Steven Kestell
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Wisconsin Governor
It is time to establish strict statewide anti-bullying policies in Wisconsin Schools - policies that work, and go beyond "no tolerance". The current guidelines do not address cyber-bullying or any bullying due to personal attributes or socioeconomic status, and quite frankly, they do nothing to end bullying. Make Wisconsin schools safe by creating REAL anti-bullying policies. Every student deserves an education free from bullying and harassment - help us make that happen!