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On June 20, 1989 Katherine "Kathy" Howard was murdered by Brenda Lewis in Marion, Ohio.  Kathy was shopping at a convenience store getting ready for a weekend at Lake Erie when she was shot numerous times in the back by Brenda.  Brenda then stayed at the location until police arrived and she was arrested.  She bought the gun the same day she murdered Kathy had been released from a mental health unit a month before she committed this crime. This was the sixth time she had been released from a mental hospital.

Brenda has a long history of mental health issues and is a schizophrenic.  Her family has a history of mental illness (one of her brothers shot his own wife and he was an officer of the law). She also had a long history of harassing Kathy, sometimes even when Kathy was at a friend's. Brenda would call the house she thought Kathy was at just to threaten her.  SHE HAS CONTINUED TO HAVE BEHAVIOR ISSUES WHILE IN PRISON.  Since her last parole hearing in 2013, Brenda has had 11 critical behavior issues against her as of this writing. Not once has Brenda shown remorse for her actions. Your family or community could be in danger if this woman is released. Some people argue that this evil woman has "served her time".  Please take a moment to stop and think if you'd feel safe with this woman living next to you or a close loved one.

Kathy missed out on a lot of things in life.  Kathy was a humorous person always making others laugh. She lived life to the fullest and that life was taken away from her when she was only 37. This murder greatly impacted Kathy's family and friends.  She was taken from her children when they were fairly young and just starting their own lives.  Her children did not have their mother with them to celebrate milestones in their lives such as weddings, birthdays, holidays, and the birth of their children.  Some of Kathy's grandchildren will never get to meet their grandma.  Others lost an amazing friend, sister, aunt, cousin....and continue to hurt over Kathy's death. Many people have been greatly affected by Kathy's death.  It has been 29 years since Kathy was taken from us but the pain is still as raw and as fresh as the day she was taken from us.

We would appreciate your support to help us keep Brenda in prison and people safe.  If she should be released, another family (possibly yours) could end up dealing with the heartache we have had to deal with. Out of respect for the family, please refrain from saying rude/hurtful comments or showing support for Brenda's release. (scroll to bottom to see the newspaper articles about the crime)


Articles related to her brother murdering his wife: (page 1, right lower page "Former Deputy Held as Spouse Killed Tuesday" (top left, "Murder Charge
Lodged by Jury Against Lewis")


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