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Help us INCLUDE sex offenders in The Second Chance Act of 2011

Our Government leaves us to presume that all members of a class [sex offenders] are dangerous to our communities by the action they took of EXCLUDING them from The Second Chance Act of 2011.  The EXCLUSION was done by the Senate Judiciary Committee. It will be going to the Senate at some point in time.   

It  is so totally untrue that all sex offender as the same. Washington needs to do their homework and stop building their careers off of myths and untruths. We want sex offenders INCLUDED in The Second Chance Act of 2011

The couple from Texas that was recently on the Today show and in the Marie Clare Mag. or the similar couple from Illinois [

or how about the 3 19 year old men who where lied to by an under aged girl from Texas. They met in a part and got a bit frisky until the police arrested the men as sex offenders. [

Let's not forget the 6 year old boy who was playing house and was arrested as a sex offender in Wisconsin [

Last but not least, the 2 14 year olds who were convicted of being sex offenders for horseplay in NJ. [

None of these people are dangerous sex offenders. None of these people are pedophiles or SVPs. All of these people deserve a second chance. All of these people deserve the same rights and assistance to a successful re-entry as any other offender, such as a murderer, thief, etc. To exclude them is to say that ALL sex offenders are child molesters, predators, or SVPs. NOT TRUE.

90% of people who are molested are molested by people they know and trust. 95% of sex offenders never re-offend.  

You can not single them out and say they are all the same. They are not. That is like saying all murderers are like Charles Manson. They are not. Or is our Government saying that they want sex offenders to re-offend?  Are they telling us they really don't want our children and communities to be safe?  Many a politician has built an career on enacting sex offender legislation even if it was proven to be costly to the taxpayers and ineffective to the children.  

Don't whisper on this one, make your voice heard!  Sign our Petition and Contact your Representative in Congress and let them know you want sex offenders to be INCLUDED in the Second Chance Act.  

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    The Second Chance Act Amendments of 7/21/2011 Excluding Sex Offenders
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    The Second Chance Act must INCLUDE sex offenders

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