Seeking the truth. Is Snoopy, the dog alive?

Seeking the truth. Is Snoopy, the dog alive?

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Why this petition matters

Started by Andrea Sreiber

After 7 months of waiting and negotiating with the authorities about the whereabouts of the dog named Snoopy, we received a response that he is alive and eventually will be put up for adoption. BUT, his adoption announcement was done in a weird and unusual way.

  • First, the dog was published without a photo.
  • Second, the conditions for adoption are so absurd that they immediately sabotage the adoption.
  • Third, the dog is put up for auction, which has never been the practice, but dogs are adopted at a fixed price so that potential adopters know in advance how much money they need in order to adopt. The starting price is 500 euros and can go higher throughout the auction. This move by the authorities makes adoption even more difficult.

For all the above reasons, we, animal welfare activists, around the world suspect that Snoopy is already euthanized and that this ad is just throwing dust in the eyes of all of us who are fighting for this dog’s life. During all these 7 months we have never received any confirmation that the dog is alive via pictures or videos, which further confirms our suspicions. If you need more information about this case, see the previous 2 petitions that were published earlier.

We demand the competent institutions to do their job transparently and in cooperation with activists; and to finally reveal the truth and Snoopy’s whereabouts.

If you want to write personal emails to the relevant authorities you can do so at these email addresses:

  • Stockholm Court of Appeal:
  • Joakim Johansson, Head of Unit, Stockholm County Administrative Board:
  • Stockholm County Administrative Board, Animal Protection Department:

To apply for Snoopy’s adoption email

** Pictured is Snoopy when he was safe and sound and the ad for his auction

1,257 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!