Demand Walker county Georgia re-open Dj Fickey’s case and present to a grand jury

Demand Walker county Georgia re-open Dj Fickey’s case and present to a grand jury

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As most are aware, my baby brother DJ Fickey was shot and killed on October 3, 2016. All of the credible evidence supports the conclusion that DJ was murdered, but the DA has yet to bring charges. Several witnesses indicate that DJ was shot by a man who as having an affair with DJ’s wife. The shooter has changed his story of what happened that day. Until charges are officially brought against this man, we will only refer to him with a pseudonym, “Mike,” which is not his real name. “Mike” was the one to call 911 once DJ was shot, and claimed that DJ shot himself, which lead to the officials investigating DJ’s death to be considered a suicide. No other evidence supports DJ’s death to be a suicide, however this investigation was bungled from the start due to this incorrect and premature assumption by investigators.

In contrast, almost all the evidence supports the conclusion that DJ’s death was a homicide. “Mike” called 911, but when speaking to the officer investigating the scene, he provided conflicting and contradicting statements to those he made in the 911 call. Other witnesses, including DJ’s wife, claim that “Mike” came out of the bedroom behind Djs left side  and “Mike” pulled the trigger of the gun killing DJ. Another witness as said the same. “Mike” has failed a polygraph test where he was asked whether he killed DJ. At the time of the murder, DJ was messaging several people that he was in fear for his life and needed help getting out of the house (with “Mike”). DJ previously told people “Mike” had threatened him with a gun and assaulted him.

Aside from witness statements, the forensic evidence available supports the conclusion that DJ was murdered. DJ was right handed, but shot in his left cheek with a shotgun. DJ was shot from an upward angle pointing downwards, and from left towards right. DJ’s hands were never tested for gunshot residue, and while “Mike’s” hands were, that test was never processed.

This case has been an uphill battle due to the premature and incorrect assumptions at the beginning. The medical examiner ruled DJ’s death to be a suicide just two days after his death, and was based on “Mike’s” statement that he had seen DJ kill himself. Only a ‘limited autopsy’ was performed. The medical examiner was not aware that there were other witness statements indicating that “Mike” rather than DJ had actually pulled the trigger, and that “Mike” and DJ were involved in a struggle when the gun was fired.

As months passed, the Walker County Sheriff’s Department eventually changed their status from suicide to possible homicide, but did not inform the medical examiner’s office of this change, nor of the additional information discovered as the investigation proceeded. The DA will not proceed with the case or bring it to a grand jury, in part because the medical examiner has not changed the cause of death from suicide to homicide.

In addition to the messages DJ sent at the time of his death, literally pleading for help to save his life, DJ was a person planning for the future. He was sharing plans of his Halloween costume, Christmas gifts for his children, and many other things. He was not suicidal, and never displayed warning signs that he would commit suicide.

DJ’s family has been tirelessly searching for justice in this case. DJ’s family, including his three small children left behind, deserves answers and justice. Please support the family’s petition to have this matter fully investigated and reviewed by a grand jury. Additionally, there is substantial evidence that “Mike” is a dangerous person who has killed someone. “Mike,” who is very involved in illegal drugs, should be brought to justice to ensure he cannot hurt anyone else.

Please share my brothers story and help us in his fight for justice and support is always appreciated. And thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the thoughts, prayers and support. 

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!
At 75,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!