Release Tony Windley - almost 20 years, incarcerated!

Release Tony Windley - almost 20 years, incarcerated!

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Governor of the State of New York Hon. Gov. Kathleen C. Hochul

Why this petition matters

Started by Veronica Windley

Dear Gov. Hochul, we are seeking clemency, that only you can grant! Tony Windley's clemency request has been in Albany, seven years. It has neither been denied or granted, by the previous administration. We implore you to look at his story and grant him clemency, so that he might pursue the amazing opportunity in front of him.

Tony Windley, has been incarcerated since 2003, on non-violent drug charges. He recently earned a bachelor's degree from Bard College and has been accepted into Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. Classes start in August. Family and friends want him home so that he can continue to use his brilliant mind for the greater good of society. 

Tony's three children are all grown now, and he's never seen his grandchildren. I am getting up there in age, and need my son home, since my other son, Troy, passed away, while incarcerated on the same case, in 2005.

In as much as the draconian drug laws need to change, since Tony has served 19 of the 20 to life, that he was sentenced to, the NYS Parole Board, should see that it is way pass time for him to come home.

If this petition is effective, Tony will be released to take advantage of a full-ride scholarship at one of the most prestigious Universities, not only in New York, but throughout the world.  Everyone deserves a 2nd chance, and this is a chance beyond our wildest dreams.

1,527 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!