Bend Studio & SONY, PLEASE Approve Days Gone II - Fans Willing To Pre-Order Days Gone 2!

Bend Studio & SONY, PLEASE Approve Days Gone II - Fans Willing To Pre-Order Days Gone 2!

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Started by Kevin McIntyre


Dear Sony & Sony Bend Studio, While Us Fans Understand Sony's Reluctance To Green-Light Production of Days Gone II Because Of The Negative Critic Reviews In The Beginning, It Is NO Secret Those Critics & Their Reviews Were DEAD WRONG!

Bend Studio & Sony, Please Give Us Downloadable Content For Days Gone, and Bring Us The Long Awaited Sequel - Days Gone II.  please don't leave us with such an emotionally twisted cliff-hanger!

If You're A DAYS GONE Fan, Then I Want YOU TO Sign This Petition!   Let's Blow The First Petition Out of The Water By Reaching 250,000 Signatures World Wide!   - Sign This Petition & Become A Part Of Gaming History!

Days Gone Has MILLIONS of Die-Hard Fans Across The Globe, Even To THIS VERY DAY, and We Want To Show SONY That If They Approve Production of Days Gone II, That The Game WILL Be  A Financial Success For SONY!

                       WE CAN DO THIS!!!

We've all heard the negative commentary & reviews of Days Gone from Game Critics around the world. In fact, many of us admittedly chose not to buy the game in the beginning because of those negative reviews. But as time has passed, those who left those reviews have expressed their deeply sincere regret over their negative remarks, and those who didn't buy they game because of those reviews, now express their regret in not having ignored those reviews, as we all truly love this game!

Let's Work HARD To Get This Petition To More Signatures Than ANY Other Days Gone II Petition...  Let's Show Sony That We Mean Business and We Demand The Sequel!

Since the release of Days Gone in 2019, the Days Gone Universe has developed an insanely large following, with an online community that not only remains active to this very day, but continues to grow day after day after day.  Reddit itself is filled with Days Gone groups, with members made of both seasoned players, and those who have only recently been introduced to the game. 

To put it bluntly, the Game Critics were wrong, and they have never been more wrong about a game. In fact, Days Gone was the best selling title the week it was released in the United Kingdom, topped the charts in Switzerland, and outsold God of War's all time sales in Japan. The critics were obviously in over their heads and clearly spoke out of turn in regards to their laughable opinions about the open world ensemble of Days Gone... and the fans have been trying to show Sony that ever since!

Though the reviews were mixed in the beginning, one thing we all seem to agree on now, is that we are all craving the release of Days Gone II, and some possible downloadable content to hold us over until we can get the release of Days Gone II.

It was announced by the Ex- Head of Bend Studio that one of the main reasons Sony declined to approve funding for the development of Days Gone II, was because of the bad reviews it received from these game critics...  But it is clear now that those critics were wrong, everyone knows this.  So, one can't help but to wonder; would Sony possible give the green light to the development of Days Gone II, if the fans were willing to support the financial backing of the game?

What If The Days Gone Fans were Willing To Show Sony, and Sony Bend Studio Just How Devoted They Truly Were To This Game, By Expressing Their Willingness To Pre-Purchase (make an advance purchase contingent of an actual release) of The Days Gone II game?   

We believe Sony would never decline to green-light the Days Gone II production if The Fans Would Agree To Advance Purchase!  That's exactly what we want push with this petition!

This isn't just another petition to convince Sony to green light the Days Gone sequel, no. This is a petition to show Sony and Bend Studio that we, the fans of Days Gone aren't playing around, we really do want Days Gone II,  we are dead serious, and we are even willing to fund the project and put our money where out mouths are!.. er, is?  ~ You get the point.

This is something that has NEVER been done before, so we are confident that Sony and Bend Studio will hear us this time!  This is Gaming Petition history in the making, and that's why we believe they will take notice!

Let's All Show Sony That We Are Dedicated To The Release Of Days Gone II, and even possibly them releasing some downloadable content for Days Gone, such as new map areas, or even new missions, weapons and bike parts being added to the existing game!

In fact, we are so serious about Days Gone II as a community, that WE ARE WILLING TO PRE-ORDER in an advanced purchase, the Days Gone II sequel so that our purchases can help fund the push for the Days Gone II approval, the development of new content and the release of the sequel.  As stated, this isn't just another petition, we who sign this are willing to help financially back the game ourselves through our advance purchases!

Granted, it's not likely that Sony will require advance purchase, but if we show them that we are serious about the success of this game, and that we would be willing to pre-purchase the Days Gone sequel, well... perhaps we may have a loud enough voice to change their minds!

Dear SONY Entertainment & Bend Studio,

By Signing This Petition; The following fans would like express their sincere interest, and desire for Sony to approve Bend Studio to produce Days Gone II as a sequel to Days Gone, and possibly further expanding the game by developing and releasing new game content, i.e. maps, missions, and upgrades.

Additionally, If Sony would be convinced to listen to our request, and to thereby agree to green-light the project, then on the contingency that Sony actually approve the project, we who sign this petition would agree to an advance purchase, or "pre-purchase" of the Days Gone II sequel to show our sincere support... and we wouldn't reject an honorable mention in the Days Gone II cover material. (wink, wink)

Let's Work HARD To Get This Petition To More Signatures Than ANY Other Days Gone II Petition...  Let's Show Sony That We Mean Business and We Demand The Sequel!


Change .org allows for Donations to be made so that Their platform will push this Petition to more people, thus increasing the chances of this petition being seen and receiving even more signatures. This is GREAT, and it will indeed help this petition receive more views, which will result in more signatures.

So, if you are able, and ONLY if you are able, please feel free to give something through the Change .org petition page to give this petition a boost!   Any amount helps, from $2 to $100, and anything in between.  ~ THANK YOU!

However, we too are putting in a lot of man hours in making sure this petition is shared far and wide across multiple platforms, and we do this almost daily. All of this takes time, and sometimes even money. That aside, NONE of the funds donated through Change .org platform will EVER make it to the people we are trying to reach; Bend Studio and Sony Entertainment. Sadly, Change .org keeps 100% of all donations.  And Part of our goal through this petition is to at least OFFER them to help pay for production of the Days Gone 2 sequel through pre-orders

We are NOT asking for donations, should any of you want to make a direct donation for this petition, please do so through Change .org for this petition.  

However, upon completion of this petition, should our petition actually be answered by Sony / Bend Studio, then we do ask that each of you be willing to purchase a pre-order of this game DIRECTLY TO BEND STUDIO ! 

After all, our only goal here is to get Days Gone II approved and into production, and to help provide funding for the development of the game. 

This is a petition to convince Sony to green-light the production of Days Gone II, by showing them that we as a community would be WILLING to pre-order  (advance purchase) the Days Gone II sequel to help fund the development. This is NOT a binding agreement to pre-order, nor is this a sales portal to purchase the game in advance.  This is merely a means to express our sincere desire for them to listen to us, so that Sony will agree deliver a sequel to the Deacon & Boozer story that it so richly deserves, and we all so dearly love.

311 have signed. Let’s get to 500!