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Help us get justice for Skye

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We need your help to get NEWS coverage! A friend of a friends beloved family dog had false claims against it and a police officer from St. Francois Police Dept. in MO,  decided to use drastic measures by first spraying  the whole can of mace on Skye's face leaving it to burn the skin off  then shoot him right between his nostrils at point blank range. This was on the owners property ! Skye  is holding on for dear life we all are praying for this sweethearts recovery and to get this cop what he deserves or at least to change the measures police officers take as to containing animals, for example how about a stun gun not a real gun that kills! 


I will do a quick summary. We live out on a country kind of road.  There are some neighborhood dogs that need nutriton and we do our best to feed them as a matter of fact they rush into our house before we can get the door open to come over to eat and Skye lets the neighborhood eat first everytime. Well at nights you can hear the dogs pack up...they are starving. They mostly congregate in my yard. I've seen the other animals drag cats into my yard dead. Everything is in my yard. My dog is a house dog let out to play every now and then. The other neighbors dog came up dead and was found in my yard about a year ago, he came to my work threatening me because Skye was the only thing big enough to take his dog down and kill it. Nevermind what a pack of hungry dogs can he's blamed Skye cause he was a pit bull more or less. Skye is a awesome loving dog and did NOT kill his dog! He's been after him and the other day I came home and had lunch with my son and took him to his grandma's before i left i let Skye out to go to the bathroom and left him out because my husband works night and I knew he'd be up soon. He was awake a dog in shrill growling and a gunshot!

Well I know more got back to work and the phone was ringing and it was my husband calling screaming at me to bring our car back home immediately a cop shot Skye in our yard. So I get home to the pic everyone has seen a dog dripping in blood he was rushed to the vet and the vets office had to clear out due to the excessive mace. Then shot at point blank right between the nostrils. The X-ray is on my page. It blew out four teeth and he lost five more yesterday. The neighbor was at the end of the yard watching all of it go down. He is an evil evil man, but by no means did th eofficer need to shoot my dog either so PLEASE help us get some Justice for Skye!


Thank You,

Morgan Browers


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