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On Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 my 18yr old son was on his way home from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, with his older brother in a car one car length behind, when Adam, on his brand new KTM Duke motorcycle, came to the four way stop sight at the intersection of St Rd 415, and Pioneer Trail. Adam came to a complete stop, waited his turn, and proceeded through the intersection, when a woman mowed him down, traveling at an estimated 50mph, sending Adam kareening into her windshield, and bouncing off the side of her minivan( underinsured btw), and his four day old bike, which he saved for years to buy working through high school, while maintaining a 4.6  GPA, totally destroying his motorcycle.

Adams brother, in the car behind him, had his dashcam on and recorded the entire incident. Thinking he just witnessed the death of his brother, he ran to his aid. Adam was sent as a Trauma alert to the trauma center, with a severe concussion. He also required twenty something stitches, from lacerations caused by the van. Adam was blessed. His helmet saved his life.

Three months prior to this, we lost a beloved Volusia County Sheriffs Deputy Frank Schofield , who was out cycling and was hit at this intersection and killed. Two days after my sons accident, two cars were involved in an accident here, and those occupants critically injured. Since 2014, there have been over 27 Motor vehicle accidents at this intersection, and just since this time last year? Eleven more, not included in the official traffic study.

The traffic engineers have made their recommendations. They’d like to install a roundabout, perhaps a traffic light. The hold up? It hasn’t been initiated as of today, September 18,2019. They said it has to go before the Volusia County Council. What more can possibly be said?

Why should Victims and their loved ones, be forced to scream for help. I spent my life that night, pleading with avid not to take my sons life, and when I got to the accident scene, found myself helpless and praying to deputy Franks roadside memorial, promising him I’d make this my mission if he stood by my son and kept him alive. I promised him I’d make a difference, and bring about a change.

Will you do me a favor? Sign this petition, so that I can present it to our county council and beg them to be PROACTIVE, and prevent another accident, rather than REACTIVE, and have yet another roadside memorial from another innocent life lost, or devastated? Thank you. 

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