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My brother, Damien Nettles has been a missing person for nearly 16 years. He went out one night in Cowes on the Isle of Wight in the UK, and never came home, and was reported a Missing Person on November 2, 1996.
Over the many years he has been missing, my family has never given up hope that we will find out what happened to him. We have been told numerous stories about where Damien's body has been buried. Many of them are obviously rumors, some of them the Hampshire Police have searched into, and then there are others that have been flat out refused to be looked into.
The most recent deposition site was brought to my family’s attention in January 2011. We were approached with the story, that some of Damien's remains lay in a shallow grave in Parkhurst Forest (on the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom). We were given the exact location where we could find him. We told the police ... and it was dismissed because the source of the information was unreliable due to his criminal past.
Then, recently, the same deposition site was advised to our family by sources who received detailed and provable information via Paranormal means. Although my family understands that these means are not conventional, the fact that the information provided, backs up the information we received from real sources should be considered.
Based on the above information both the Hampshire Constabulary and the Forestry Commission refuse to allow my family and friends to dig the site in Parkhurst Forest at our own time and expense. They have advised that anyone who goes to dig up the site in Parkhurst Forest will be arrested.
This petition is crucial because my 16 year old brother's remains (that may have been laying there for the same time as his age when he went missing) could be in the forest. For our family’s peace of mind, and for the sake of my brother who deserves to be found, we need to know whether or not we can check this location off of the list. We need to know if his remains are there or not. And if they are, we need to be able to finally lay him to rest.
Please sign this petition to allow for my family and our friends to dig up the deposition area where Damien's remains are reported to be at our own time and expense and labor. It is our intent to restore the forest where we dig to the best state that we are able.
We appreciate that the Forest is protected land, and we have the most respect for the area. But I to think that Damien is buried, alone in the middle of nowhere waiting to be found, takes complete precedence to us.
Please help us to potentially find my brother by signing this petition so we can dig Parkhurst Forest. We need the Forestry Commission and the Hampshire Constabulary to take notice that this is an important request, whether the information is true or not. We will not know, until we dig!!

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Thank you so much for your help!!

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