21 June 2021
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Started by SUBB'S WORLD

An innocent member of the community was unlawfully arrested with unnecessary physical force, thrown in a cell and held against his will for 3 days by SAPOL. They treated him like a dangerous criminal. All this for a non-indictable offense; a mere noise complaint. 

Sav Caruso, an admired member of the Salisbury community, loves nothing more than to show off his impressive skills on the musical instrument he's practiced playing, for over 20 years. 
Like all serious musicians, he spends countless hours perfectly his craft and expressing his life experiences through his rock n' roll songs. After years of hard work, he has professionally produced an album with 8 original songs that he has shared with his beloved community members by performing on his driveway, every Sunday afternoon at 3pm. Every week, people gather in the cul-de-sac to watch his entertaining, free concert. He plays for 45 minutes and the locals show their support with applause and cheers. 

"We look forward to Sunday afternoons cos Sav puts on such a great show & he has inspired my kids to play the guitar". -Salisbury resident.

The police occasionally show up on a Sunday and have often praised him on his talent and given him credit for having such a fan base whom show up to support him, week in, week out.  

The day prior to his unlawful arrest, he was given an 'emergency environment protection order' by police stating 'he must not play live music for 72 hours and a breach of this order is a criminal offense'. How ridiculous is it that a musician is granted this due to noise complaint. 
The police have no grounds on which to enforce this order therefore had no authority to come onto the man’s property while playing his music and disconnect the power followed by the shocking, physical bombardment they call an arrest, of the innocent musician practising his art.
The video footage shows Antonio Caruso, the artist's brother, handing over a non-consent form and a notice of liability to the officer's that states if the police follow through with the arrest and trespass on private property without a warrant, they will made liable for damages.

The video clearly shows they unjustifiably used a forceful approach. Their appalling display of authority was a clear tactic of intimidation to suppress the man’s rights to express himself using his music.

The Magistrate rightfully threw the order out of court as there was no evidence to suggest that he had committed any crimes. The judge stated to the police that the arrest was unlawful and the victimised man has the right to pursue the case further. And we shall! 

Shockingly, after Sav was released, they issued another order stating he cannot play live music for another 72 hours, prohibiting him to play on the Sunday. Supporters were disappointed as they came to watch their local hero play for his fans.  

We will be seeking justice with the support of this petition.
Help us fight for our freedom and the right to ROCK N’ ROLL!


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Signatures: 2,569Next goal: 5,000
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