Help to Stop India's barbaric and Dangerous Dog & Cat Meat Trade In Nagaland

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I am appalled by the illegal dog meat trade in Nagaland. HSI/India revealed that the practice is riddled with insurmountable cruelty towards animals that go against existing laws. Please implement the FSS (Food Product Standards & Food Additives) Regulations of 2011 as soon as possible. You have the power to end this illegal activity in your State and make sure that the laws in places are upheld and respected. This could save the more than 30,000 dogs bound to suffer and be killed as part of this cruel industry. The law explicitly states that this practice is illegal so there’s no excuse for any further delay.

This was exposed 2016 and yet there has been no law to enforce this barbaric trade.

Please make the humane decision to make sure the cruel dog meat trade ban in Nagaland is enforced.