Demand that Albania's Government Stops Killing Stray Dogs

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A secret and massive extermination of stray dogs is well underway by the government of Albania and was recently proven on video through an undercover investigation.

According to, a local news source in Tirana, Albania "It is suspected that Tirana may have killed at least 10 thousand stray dogs in nearly two years"! This reflects the number of stray dogs killed in Tirana only.

In other cities in Albania, the number only rises with similar local kill programs and many circumstances of citizens taking it into their own hands by shooting, beating and poisoning the local stray dogs there.

Tirana's government has masked this extermination under a 'spay-and-neuter program' where these dogs are claimed to be sterilized and released back to the neighborhood as a stray.

But many locals and Animal Welfare Groups that feed these strays have been noticing hundreds of these well-loved, stray dogs disappearing and never returning like the government promised.

Local Animal Welfare Organizations started becoming very worried once the dogs were not returning and began investigating the clinics that these dogs were being taken to.

Horrifying things were found in these vet clinics: Bodies of many dogs were strewn all about the vet clinics - dead dogs in trash bags scattered everywhere and poison found that was being used to kill these poor animals.

Local news outlets and animal welfare organizations have confirmed with photos and videos of how local veterinary clinics are killing these innocent dogs with tax payer money!

Local news,, reports "The fact is that what we saw is scary. The massacre against dogs continues. They are taking their lives daily. has secured photos of how syringes are used to kill dogs without them ever being crated or fixed. Another dog’s life was taken immediately upon our entrance to the clinic. The corridors are full of dead dogs on each corner. Some were put in black bags and some were laying on the floor.

"They are being put down on a large scale after being put to sleep. The massacre occurs mainly on the weekends and ranges from 40-50 dogs. It is suspected that the organization may have killed at least 10 thousand stray dogs in nearly two years."

Photos and Videos Confirming Mass Killings

Please help us bring justice to these poor animals, as the killings are going on daily!

Support this petition and demand that Mayor Erion Veliaj of Tirana to stop the killings and find another solution to the problems of the stray animals in Tirana such as:

  • Starting initiatives to help support existing animal shelters and the creation of new animal shelters with financial support from the government - with the goal of adopting dogs out to the public.
  • Begin animal adoption programs in the city of Tirana. Government sponsored education for people and schools on compassionate and ethical treatment of animals.
  • Establishing humane and ethical guidelines for euthanasia.
  • Begin punishing criminals for animal cruelty and abuse such as poisoning, shooting and beating local stray dogs.

Your signature asks the government of Tirana to stop killing these innocent dogs and begin taking more responsibility by making these changes for the long-term solution to these stray animals!

Over 5,000 + dogs are being killed yearly without even being given the chance at a better life. This needs to stop now! 

We need more than 40,000 SIGNATURES TO BE HEARD!!