Help the reservation of donkeys in Most Rasa/Croatia

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A dispute of landownership is putting this donkeyreservation at risk.
The donkeys (40) may have to be slaughtered.

Please tell Mayor Josip Pino Knapic of Rasa to stop his plans of closing down this reservation.

These donkeys are an endangered species and are protected by EU laws.


New update 09.09.2012. 

We did it!!!!!! 40 donkeys are addopted, 4 donkeys will stay with the owner Mr. Ivan Perko.



Letter from Mr. Perko, president of reservation in Most Rasa, dated 07.09.2012. 


 I reply to all of you because of the large number of emails and inquiries

regarding the situation of donkeys in the Valley Valeta-Donišnica .
       I have dedicated my long standing work on preservation of donkeys with the goal to stop the decline and extinction of the donkey population in Croatia and to determine the original breeds of donkeys that are  the Croatian national treasure and a protected natural value.


The project "Return to natural values" was launched in order to permanently preserve the population of donkeys in the Northern Adriatic. The purpose and strategy of the project is based on the fact that the North Adriatic donkeys are the most endangered authentic and protecded breed in Croatia, because the number of individuals has dropped to 150 (official data of HRC/Croatian Red Cross?). Promoting the values of donkeys in mediterranean karst landscape and their benefits to the survival of other animal and plant species have raised the level of awareness about their priceless value as a living natural and cultural heritage.


I’ve fulfilled a moral and ethical obligation to save donkeys as a species and I want to consign them the legacy of future generations that will keep them free of exploitation (killing, harassment, ridicule and unworthy civilized procedures).


The ultimate objective / basis of preserving the breed is to protect the minimum number of reprotuctive individuals who are not in close relationship. The idea of the Liburna Reserve was as mentioed,  the permanent protection of the required number of males and females who would make up the genetic reserve of  North Adriatic breed of donkeys, and to give growers the offspring in order to use them to maintain pastures, olive groves and forests, in organic-biological agriculture, in agritourism, hobbyists, onotherapy and milk production in medicine and cosmetics.


Liburna Association has achieved its goal of preserving and protecting donkeys.The aspiration was to become a professional association which will provide resources for the optimal work on theimplementation of the breeding program of pure-bred animals. Valeta-Donišnica Bay in Raško polje/field is the perfect place for habitation of donkeys, because they are protected with the watercourse (comprehensive channel) and under normal circumstances  have an abundance of drinking water and food. If there are rainy conditions animals live on the rocks of the holm-oak forest which form the whole of  Mediterranean wetland habitat of the coastal evergreen forests and sub-Mediterranean forests with maquis/undergrowth and garrigue/bushes.


In recent years the project has stagnated because ofnot developing a regional plan and the plan of agricultural land menagement which is the basis for all activities and project developments, proving the legitimacy of the property and activities.

Due to unplanned insurance costs of drinking water and food, veterinary services and mandatory measures, in this year I can not fulfill the conditions fornormallife of animals neither endure physical strain of care of 44 donkeys which have remained in the area of Valeta-Donišnica.


I want to pursue further work on the preservation of these animals in the wild under the care of institutions, and local households.Since I do not have my own funds for further work on breeding, protection and conservation of the North Adriatic donkeys, I am compelled toadoptanimals or in extreme case give them to slaughter.

The devastating fact is that this method of preservation and protection of donkeys is financially impossible, and the regulations and legal obligations compel us that donkeys can be breeded only if we exploit them,  and especially impossible to accept breeding of critically endangered breed for meat.


If you are willing to adopt a donkey I'd like to introduce you with the costs:

Collection andanalysis ofblood samples at IAK
Certification and tavel-document(passport)) issuance/publication
Microchip marking
Disinfection of vehiclesand travel expenses

We are willing to sign the agreement on a five-year commitment of keeping donkeys and eligibility under the Animals care and prtection Act for survival of the Nothern Adriatic breed.


Thankyou for your supportand understanding.

Best regards,


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