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 Let's help the Penan tribe in the Malaysian state of Sarawak of the island of Borneo with their goal in keeping an area they call the Peace Park and keeping their women and girls safe for sexual abuse.
  They have been fighting to preserve the rainforest since the 1980's.
  The Malaysian government zoned the area for logging by the Malaysian timber giant,Samling.
  It's been confirmed by a high-level Malaysian government investigation that the Penan WOMEN and GIRLS are being SEXUALLY ABUSED by workers from the logging camp.

Letter to
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Ministry of Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing
We the undersigned would like to see you protect the rainforest AND the women and girls of the Penan tribe.NO women or girl should be VIOLATED in this way and the rainforest is a big part in keeping YOU and us breathing.If you keep cutting down the trees you will slowly kill everything on the earth,including yourself and your loved ones.Please stop the destuction of the rainforest and the SEXUAL ABUSE that is being done to these women and girls.Thank you for your time.

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