Help the failing SPPD Community

Help the failing SPPD Community

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Started by Randy Marsh

Players of the mobile game South Park: Phone Destroyer are requesting to replace the current community manager, Toller, with a new community manager, or at the very least request that Toller carries out her job duties. Job duties are not currently being performed. 

The Community Manager is supposed to act as the primary link between South Park: Phone Destroyer and the active community of mobile gamers. The community manager is supposed to engage with users on a day-to-day basis while seeking to establish long-lasting brand loyalty, and help grow the fanbase.

Without the link of the community manager to the player base, it leaves no room to receive feedback from the very people who play and support the game, and will therefore end in the community and game breaking down. Direct quote from Toller when asked what it takes to be a community lead taken via the Redlynx website: "My greatest strength though, is the ability to de-escalate a situation. You really need to be able to identify with whom  you are talking to" 

The following are specific reasons for our request.

  1. The community manager is flat out not communicating what so ever with players who reach out via private message and sometimes via the official discord and forum. Community members are being completely ignored despite often being encouraged to reach out with any questions, comments, and concerns. Click here for a collection of evidence of ignored messages from the community members to the community manager. Please feel free to upload your own. It is suggested you block out your name and picture, but not required. 
  2. Many players are beginning to grow frustrated at the complete lack of support the current community manger provides to the player base. This frustration is affecting the game's monetary revenue, which helps to keep the game going. The lack of involvement from the community manager makes it appear that the game is dying and makes people reluctant to spend. Plenty of players have expressed saying that they used to give monetary support to the game but will no longer spend until they get answers to their questions and better overall balance changes. One specific example is a player made a purchase for a legendary card when the game glitched, took the money, and did not issue the card. Player reached out to the community manager and received no response. 
  3. If a player has been denied access to the content creator program or has been removed from the content creator program, no reason is given. There is no way to appeal this decision. 
  4. Players are being blocked via Discord, Facebook, and the official forum when they reach out again after not receiving any response. No justifications are provided for this nor is there any appeals allowed. Players are being accused of harassment simply for reaching out asking questions. One player's mobile account was banned for allegedly violating ToS for providing constructive criticism via the official forum and was only reversed after reaching out directly to Ubisoft. If players want to express their displeasure on certain aspects of the game or community they are now in fear of their accounts being banned. Community manager is acting out based on her own personal feelings.
  5. In addition to the abdication of responsibility for community engagement, she has moved from once per week copy/paste forum posts to once every other week posts. Even the non back and forth engagement has been decreased from weekly to bi-weekly. If anything, the lack of communication to the player base should result in more official communications, not less. Upon searching the official discord (not including when Toller has posted the official weekly update), you can clearly see a lack of involvement with the community members: 

In the general thread: 

April: NO posts

March 21: 4 posts
March 14: 1 post
March 9 : 1 post

February 11: 2 posts
February 7: 2 posts (1 is just a gif)
February 4: 41 posts (the last day she seems to have truly worked)

In the Feedback thread: (where you'd imagine the Community Manager would be most active):

March 15: 5 posts
March 2: 1 post

There are NO posts in February.

January 26: 1 post
January 4: 3 posts

There are NO posts in December.

Chaos Mode thread: 
February 10: 1 post

Aside from her being very present and responding to the community on February 4, she's been completely derelict in her duties of community involvement.

Our suggestion for a solution: Either replace the community manager with someone who can properly perform the duties a community manager should, or monitor the community managers work more closely to ensure the job is being done. Restore any accounts that have been banned simply for asking questions and unblock players via social media who have been blocked by the community manager for simply trying to communicate. 

If you would like to see positive change to our community, please sign this petition. It would also be very helpful to add your own personal experiences, thoughts, and opinions in the comments below. Thank you for reading and signing! 

283 have signed. Let’s get to 500!