Ban sexualisation of children & LGBTpropaganda in primary schools & on children's tv/books

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Firstly let me state I am not homophobic nor is this a homophobic petition; I have gay friends who agree that the sexualisation of young children through the media and schools has hit new heights and is unnecessary to education. This, as well as the gay and straight sexualised propaganda on children's tv, is a disgrace and we have allowed it to happen, hence the creation of this petition to see if the people actually care about the children. It is wrong to tell a young 5 year old there are 75 genders in primary school, it is wrong to explain they have sexual freedom, they end up coming home confused to confused parents who don't know what to say because of political correctness and liberalism.

Currently, the Department of Education is making new guidelines and policies without your consent or knowledge. The Education Secretary sets out plans for relationships education in primary schools and relationships and sex education in secondary school, stating "The government is proposing the introduction of the new subject of ‘relationships education’ in primary school and renaming the secondary school subject ‘relationships and sex education’, to emphasise the central importance of healthy relationships." (

I've spoken to many other parents and they feel the same but are scared to speak out for the fear of being labeled homophobic, however the right to groom young children through the media and education systems is hitting fast forward whilst so-called caring parents hide behind false societal fears. If you tell a five year old they can be a unicorn they'll jump at the chance, so telling a boy he can be a girl in primary school is the exact same thing. 

If you actually care about the children's development and healthy mental health than please sign the petition and pass around to anyone you can.


Russia has this law to protect children why can't Britain?


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