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Help the Cats of Yulin, Too - Ban Dog AND Cat Meat in China


The vile Yulin Dog Meat Festival has sparked global outrage -- so much that the government of Yulin has reportedly banned the commercial slaughter or sale of dog meat during this year's event, slated to start June 21 and last for 10 days. But did you know that an estimated 4,000 cats are brutally killed at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, too? 

Just like dogs, cats do not deserve to be kidnapped, thrown together into cages so tight their bodies are crushed against the hard metal wire, then ruthlessly beaten before their throats are slit and they are butchered -- and sometimes still alive as they are skinned, burned or boiled. 

Cats are sentient, feeling, loving creatures just like dogs, and they must not be forced to endure an any more torture at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival or anywhere else. Some even speculate that if dog meat is indeed banned, more cats will die in their place.

Sign the petition to urge Chinese officials to ban cat meat in Yulin, and put an end to the entire dog AND cat meat trade in China. It's time to stop the horror once and for all.

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  • Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai

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