Add Albanian language to Google Ads and Google Adsense

Add Albanian language to Google Ads and Google Adsense

May 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Elton Heta

Google, please restore the Albanian language in Google Ads and Google Adsense

This petition is addressed to the technology giant Google.

This petition was started based on a sound reasoning and logic to improve business, life and media.

The lack of the Albanian language in the Google Ads and Google Adsense platforms currently penalizes several countries, mainly Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

The lack of the Albanian language on these platforms causes:
- the inability for businesses to advertise their products and services in the Albanian language
- the inability of YouTubers, Bloggers, etc. to monetize their views, considering that YouTube is directly connected to Google Adsense and Google Ads
- the impossibility of monetizing views for actresses, singers, media, etc. on YouTube or even on their websites (online media) since the Albanian language is not accepted in Google Adsense
- the possibility for a developer to create platforms in the Albanian language and return them to income through Google Adsense
- many other platforms are based on the penalization by Google for the Albanian language and this penalizes the Albanian language on other platforms as well
- the impossibility for Albanian speakers to be equal with the rest of the world to develop in business, marketing, programming, etc. since these two platforms influence everywhere
The reasons for the lack of the Albanian language on these two platforms are numerous and we have chosen to mention the most important ones.

We think that the Albanian language should be part of the Google Ads and Google Adsense platforms because:
- it is the only language in the region and in the Balkans that is penalized
- the interest of businesses to advertise on Google Ads is very high compared to 2012 when the Albanian language was penalized
- The Albanian language is spoken today by at least 12 million people
- Albanian artists, where it is worth emphasizing mainly musicians, singers, actors, painters, programmers, etc. are not equal to artists of another language accepted in Google Ads, this is because Albanian speakers cannot generate income from penalizing the Albanian language
- the media in the Albanian language today do not manage to turn their audience into income through Google Adsense, forcing them to find advertisements individually, which brings many problems to their economic independence and freedom of speech.
- the Albanian language accepted on these platforms will bring innovation to the world of technology, creating hope among technology enthusiasts that their every idea can turn into economic independence and a source of income for them.
- Albanian speakers today are very active and the search engine that occupies a larger space of use among them is Google.
- Albanian speakers are a people who voluntarily contribute to many platforms such as Google Maps, Google Translate, etc. for reporting problems and improving them.
- the Albanian language is a very old Indo-European language and as such we should not think that it should be limited to these platforms
- today there are Albanian speakers almost all over the world, where it is worth noting that they are mainly located in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Italy, Greece, etc.

I think that the above reasons are enough to make Google that 11 years since the Albanian language was penalized are enough for Google to review this issue and situation to give the Albanian language the opportunity to be equal with other languages.

Directing you to Google with a sincere appeal to see our request as a priority, I would ask each of you to share this petition to inform everyone.

Thanks to everyone!

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Signatures: 17,375Next Goal: 25,000
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