Keep Bronte Beach Roads Safe. Stop Unsafe Bus Movements. Act Now Bronte.

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We ask that NSW Transport makes bus management safer for Bronte residents and visitors. 

Bronte is a small seaside village which is very popular with residents, commercial operators and visitors. The increase in pedestrian, vehicle and public transport traffic has accelerated and is progressively compromising the expected safety measures taken to protect all within the Bronte Beach Village vicinity

Existing Bronte Bus management/movements and planned council works are contributing to this problem rather than ensuring  visitors, residents and commercial operators of Bronte Beach will be in a safer environment. We must act now to make NSW Authorities take notice before it is too late.

Major concerns that need to be addressed immediately are as follows:

  1. Planned relocation of the existing pedestrian crossing to further East in Bronte Road. Relocation will be directly in front of the busiest take-away food store on the cafe strip. There has already been 1 death at the current location of the pedestrian crossing. We cannot risk this happening again. Not only is this an increased safety concern, it also forces people who have parked their cars next to the island opposite the Café strip to jay walk when crossing Bronte Road from north to south as the crossing will no longer be connected to the island. 
  2. No speed restrictions to stop speeding Buses. Currently buses proceed down a steep incline from East to West on Bronte Road. Buses often speed down this hill towards the current crossing resulting in many near serious accidents. If the planned movement of the Pedestrian crossing takes place, buses will have to brake harder down the steep incline. It is not possible for drivers to negotiate if people are intending to cross the street or are waiting for take away food. This is an existing issue which will be exacerbated with the proposed relocation site of the crossing.
  3. Planned widening of pedestrian foot path by over 2mtrs  where the Café strip is. Buses already struggle to negotiate turning into the terminus and often collide with the safety fence and get stuck as they turn. As a result, timetables are delayed and chaos erupts as the drivers try to rev the bus engine to get out of jam. By widening the footpath this would make the turn into the terminus even harder for drivers to navigate whilst increasing the likelihood of collisions, stuck buses and impacted timetables. Although there are plans to widen the bus terminus circles, the passage across Bronte Road to the terminus remains a safety issue. Buses and large vehicles moving in opposite directions on Bronte Road will find it difficult to pass on this section of road if the foot path is widened.
  4. Bendy buses being introduced. Recently, it appears these buses are being trialed. The size of these vehicles in a very small village creates more congestion and safety issues. They do not fit in the current bus stop and cause passengers to alight onto the road.
  5. Bus drivers using bus terminus as layover. Currently drivers use the terminus as a layover stop which creates more congestion in the small area. This impacts on the number of buses crowded into the terminus. More congestion which compromises the safety pedestrians in the busy area.
  6. The location of the existing bus stop. Passengers alighting from the bus here do not walk to the crossing which is further away. If not staying on the southern side of Bronte Road, they cross immediately behind the bus whilst it is stationery or moving towards the terminus. Furthermore, if the planned relocation of the crossing takes place this increases the distance further. 

To create a safer Bronte Beach Village area now and in the future, we strongly ask consideration for the following:

  • Have the pedestrian crossing relocated to the centre of the cafe strip
  • Install safety chicanes to slow buses traveling East to West on Bronte Road
  • Leave the footpath width as is and do not widen  
  • Ban bendy buses from the area
  • Stop bus driver layover and consider Bondi Junction and North Bondi instead
  • Shut down the current drop off bus stop adjacent to the cafes. Instead use the terminus as a drop off and pick up.
  • Reinstate the 378 bus service as promised and allow it to enter the terminus, drop passengers, pick up passengers and depart

Please join us in asking NSW Authorities to address and take action on the safety issues we have outlined, to ensure Bronte Beach village is a safe area now and into the future.