Why Are All Our Teachers Leaving? HELP SUPPORT DCSD TEACHERS

Why Are All Our Teachers Leaving? HELP SUPPORT DCSD TEACHERS

February 26, 2016
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Disclaimer: We have no association with the teachers union, district SAC group, or 'Douglas County Parents'. Independently run by students. 


There is a reason for history and that reason is to learn from mistakes. Why have teachers taught us this within the district but the administration is showing an opposite model? The techniques being supported at our schools are just simply not for our community and techniques should be specified and adjusted to mold within our community, not the other way around. 

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world" -Anne Frank    

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People have expressed their opinions about this issue for years and still nothing has changed!

Many teachers are leaving DCSD and that means students have to remake relationship and bonds with teachers constantly. Stop driving away the teachers who actually care! Why is this district driving away some of it's most important teachers and why aren't the problems being fixed? We want an immediate and drastic change in how our teachers are treated within the district. Our teachers are showing us that they are unhappy with the evaluation system. It's time for a change. Parents, staff, and dozens of students peacefully protested asking for answers. This prompted an interview with the district superintendent. Interview transcript with Dr.Elizabeth Fagen has been released. A previous meeting with the superintendent was denied simply because one of the groups student advocates wanted to capture every opinion being voiced through the protest gathering. Asking questions among our supporters is very important to us and gathering those questions during the protest contributed immensely to the interview with Fagen (March 10th 2016)

Care about DCSD educators? There is clearly a problem within our district. Why are the teachers wanting to leave? Our education is not the districts business opportunity! We need to pay more attention to our teacher morale and how our teachers feel. Teacher surveys RELEASED BY THE DISTRICT have PROVED that the second top reason for teachers being unhappy with the district was how they were/are effected by the negative community (the top reason was pay). Another test had a result stating that 62% of teachers in the district would not recommend working in the county school system to a friend. Some teachers are even taking large pay cuts just to get out and switch districts. Help support positive change in our Colorado school district. Sign this petition.

We have already had a previous protest: That took place on Mar 9, 2016 — at: 9:15-2:30 more details are seen in the articles below. Over 120 people showed up and many teachers did as well in spirit.

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This petition had 1,867 supporters

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