"Stop UFC Monopoly over Ba Gua Octagon Shape”

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 My Name is Novell G. Bell I have been studying Chinese Martial Arts since the age of 15 years old. I later started teaching Chinese martial arts in my early 20s. I have always had a deep love for the Chinese culture and the positive influence cultural arts like Bagua Zhang, Tai Chi, Hsing-I, Chinese Medicine and Taoist philosophy can have on people's lives. For at least 3000 years, the Chinese have used the Bagua symbol and it's corresponding Octagon to represent the movement of energy in the universe. It is a symbol and shape at the foundation of Chinese culture and something that should be universally free for use by anyone. The shape of the octagon and hexagramorientation around the octagon has been used by martial artists, qi gong practitioners, Chinese medicine and philosophy for hundreds of years to represent what they practice. I use the shape of the octagon for advertising the Chinese martial arts which I practice Ba Gua Zhang.

 Recently Zuffa LLC which owns the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has petitioned the United States Patent and Trademark office to cancel my registered trademark logo due to it's use of the ancient shape of the octagon because they feel they have sole ownership of the shape.

You heard right. Zuffa LLC, the UFC's company feels that they own sole rights to the shape of the octagon and are legally pursuing anyone in martial arts, fitness, nutrition or martial arts entertainment (including video games) who have octagonal shapes in their product line. Zuffa LLC claims that they have made the shape famous and that the use of the octagon by anyone else is purposefully to deceive customers into believing that the product is one of the UFC. They have already successfully force other people into ceasing their use of the shape of the octagon through expensive litigation or weak, non binding rulings in their favor in states which they bring in millions of dollars in tax revenue to. Does that sound like bribery to anyone else? 

This is downright wrong. I'm a Harlem NY Base Chinese martial artist teaching people of all ages in my community a style called Ba Gua Zhang using the

context of ancient Chinese philosophy which is thousands of years older than the UFC. I never claim to teach MMA nor do I  claim to associate with the UFC. The association with the shape of the octagon and Chinese culture is far stronger and older than anything claim of ownership the UFC has on this universal shape. Please sign this petition For the sake of public domain and the rights of individuals to be held above those of a money driven corporation, please donate to brothers of Wu Dang. All proceeds will be used to to help pay for attorney to represent me so I be able to mount a legal defense.

Peace and blessings Novell G. Bell ;

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