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April 9, 2010 Yesterday, we saw the first baby seals killed off Canada's east coast.

If you give now, your donation will be tripled by the Giant Steps Foundation and other generous donors.

Our donors are willing to turn every dollar you donate into three because they know we can win the battle to save the seals.

This support makes it possible for the ProtectSeals team to travel to the remote east coast of Canada -- to photograph, videotape, and report on the cruelty that the sealing industry doesn't want the world to see.

We've made a real impact on the sealing industry: We've convinced individual nations and even the entire European Union to pass bans on the trade of all seal products. Our Canadian seafood boycott has the fishermen who kill seals for a few extra dollars thinking twice. We have never been closer to ending this hunt. Please help us.

Thank you for standing with us here in spirit, and thank you again for your generous support.

These seal pups had somehow managed to survive having their ice habitat literally melt out from under them. And still the Canadian government allowed sealers to slaughter them for their fur with clubs and guns. It is even allowing sealers to kill 50,000 more than last year -- 388,200.

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Donate: Donate now and have your donation TRIPLED by the Giant Steps Foundation and other generous donors.


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