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Help Stop The Mass Murdering Of Animals


Every five years, the village of Bariyapur located in Nepal, along with India, hosts one of the biggest animal slaughters in the world. During the event well over 300,000 animals, including birds, buffaloes, goats, and sheep are killed. The animals are killed as ritual sacrifices as part of a religious ceremony that is carried out in the village. Although the religious aspects of this event make it a sensitive issue, neighboring India, which is also very firm with its cultural and religious believes, has still made tremendous progress. Many Indian states have now banned animal slaughter for religious purposes. I am asking members to please send a letter of protest to Nepal's government to ask them to put an end to this mass murdering of animals.

For more information on Animal Rights, please see:

Letter to
Nepal Government
To the office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers:

I am writing to you today to ask that you bring an immediate end to animal slaughter for religious purposes in your country. The event in Bariyapur is one of the largest mass killings of animals in the world and this needs to be halted immediately. According to Pramada Shah, director of pressure group Animal Nepal, the campaign to end this has won strong support both in Nepal and abroad. She went on to say that there is evidence that animal sacrifices are becoming less popular, especially in urban areas, where people are instead choosing to 'sacrifice' coconuts. India should be viewed as a role-model for this issue as many states in the country have banned animal slaughter for religious purposes. Please act progressively and stop this mass murdering of animals.


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