Stop Chinese Wet Markets that torture live animals & breed disease, boycott til they stop!

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The U.S. Senate “Bipartisan” Committee demands they close! We know the CoronaVirus jumped to humans in Wuhan China, most likely in the wet markets, as with several others in the past, where people openly torture animals to death, butcher them alive, walk around in puddles of blood eating live bats, cats/dogs and rats... is it any wonder nature threw this back at us? I believe that the World will have to demand it stops, or these type of pandemics will continue. And the only way to make it stop is if there is a financial consequence. If we STOP buying their products until they STOP this insanity, it will STOP!

I PLEDGE TO CEASE  BUYING ALL NONESSENTIAL PRODUCTS from China until the Wet Markets are closed and the torture of live animals is banned, as was recently demanded by the U.S. Senate... And ask that you to do the same!

Now is the time, the whole world knows it needs to stop, nature knows it, and nature will teach us a painful lesson if we don’t listen. Please support this petition, THANK YOU!