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Help Stop The Fireworks Near Hi-Tor Animal Care Center




The Rockland Boulders are owned by Bottom 9 Baseball, a sports and entertainment management company and are a part of the Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball (CAN-AM League).  From June 16, 2011 through September 5, 2011 the Rockland Boulders baseball team, whose home field is Provident Bank Park, located in Pomona, New York, have fireworks scheduled at 16 games

Hi-Tor Animal Care Center (Hi-Tor), Rockland County’s only Town affiliated animal shelter, is located less than a quarter of a mile down the road from Provident Bank Park.  Hi-Tor staff is very concerned about these fireworks, especially since they had originally been assured that fireworks would only be a three time occurrence.

Fireworks are not animal friendly.  Firework explosions can produce a blind panic in animals that can lead to serious injury, deep-rooted, debilitating fears, or even death.  The ears of most animals are considerably more sensitive than the human ear; therefore, the explosion of a firework not only is proportionately more disturbing to an animal, it can also affect an animal’s acute sense of hearing. Fireworks generate a noise level higher than the noise from gunshots and low-level flying jets, therein affecting their quality of life not only during their time at the shelter, but for the rest of their lives thereafter.

Dogs, cats, and other companion animals don’t understand that the terrifying loud bangs are a celebration.  One can only imagine what they think, given how much more sensitive their hearing is than ours.  Humane Societies across North America report that after firework displays they are swamped with calls about dogs and cats.  For animals, fireworks are no cause for celebration.  Firework displays and celebrations bring confusion, anxiety, and fear into the lives of animals.  Multiply that confusion, anxiety, and fear for shelter animals, whose stress is already at a heightened level.

The Ohio Animal Defense League studied this issue and concluded that fireworks and animals do not make a humane match.  In this age of technology, we can create celebratory displays that are both thrilling and joyful without endangering our dogs and cats.  There is an evident need to protect our companion animals from fireworks harm.

Write to the CAN-AM League, Bottom 9 Baseball (the Rockland Boulders owner), Provident Bank (the exclusive naming rights partner of Provident Bank Park), Rockland County elected officials, and New York State elected officials and tell them to Stop the Use of Fireworks at Provident Bank Park in Pomona, New York!

For updates, please join our Facebook Page: Stop The Fireworks Near Hi-Tor Animal Care Center.  Also, please join the Facebook Event for our protest efforts on June 16, 2011: Protest Fireworks at Provident Bank Park




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