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It’s sad, but in the World is happening that some dogs are abuse. Not only in China. But here it’s worse, i think, because here are dogs like a food. Okay , it’s strange but some people doing strange things and so it is .I mean it’s normal in this World. But i don’t understand who can be so unfeeling. I mean, we are people with a soul not a monsters without brain. Yes, people in China pulling whimpering and frightened dogs out of the cages with a big pliers.(under the text i attach a video,but WARNING! – it’s not for children!) When i saw this video , i said yourself :“ it’s really wrong,i have to do something with“. You don’t? Let’s help again to present to China to realize what it is make sense to treat animals like a with things without a soul.

But it isn’t only in China. It’s everywhere, unfortunately .

So if you think that is bad what’s happening in China; that after the dog becomes unnecessary for the greyhound race is killed, at best; that human who already don’t want his dog,throwing away animal like some waste… if you have tears in yours eyes, because all of this can be possible,it‘s real , please help stop it. You can donate some money for cruelty dogs on internet web sites or give some dog food to the station for the cruelty dogs or you can found some foundation focusing on the cruelty of dogs or the smallest thing you can do is sign this petition…

I hope that will be better time for these dogs!

here is these video link :

Please read the petition letter and send some other insirations. I want to send this letter to Mr. President of China to help stop dogs cruelty in China. 

Dogs need more signatures! Please help.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for sign.

I appreciate it!

Letter to
Mr.President of China China & all states
Help stop the dogs cruelty in China

Dear Mr. President of China,
We are all shocked by what happens to dogs in China.I think that i'm not only persone who don't agree with the treatment of dogs like a with some things,even if they are living beings ,is little inhuman.
I have been really sad, when i found some videos,where dogs were taking out of the cages with a big clamps and they were stabbing when they didn't want out of the cage.
I got a few signatures.Maybe this will help people ,who abused dogs, realize that other people on the earth disagree with this and that those dogs are suffering. There are the signatures : _________ (number) .
So please ,Mr.President ,help stop it.
Please think about it ,what's the point, and if it's necessary.
We believe that's not.
Thank You for reading this .



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