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Stop Cell Tower at Shady Side Elementary School

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A Cell Tower is planned at Shady Side Elementary School. 

Cell phone towers are being built on school property without regard to children's safety. There is a federal law (Telecommunications Act 1996) in place making it illegal to consider the health and lives of school children and nearby residents. New research has and is proving that such towers are causing cancers, leukemia, neurological disorders and other deadly health effects. The communications industry is planning to erect towers on school property across the country.

The FCC regulations on cell towers were put in place in 1996, and based on studies done in the decades prior to that date. Much more recent science worldwide is proving the dangers of this type of radiation. The FCC's guidelines and safety assurances are based solely on thermal radiation, but important non-thermal effects are being discovered, and proving deadly. The FCC states on it's website about non-thermal effects: "It is generally agreed that further research is needed to determine the generality of such effects and their possible relevance, if any, to human health."

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) supports more research into how cell phone exposure affects human health long term, particularly children's health.

Based on recent scientific studies, 16 other countries have reduced their standards hundreds to thousands of times lower than the current FCC standards. Our standards are now among the least protective to human life in the world.

Scientists, researchers and biophysicists around the world are currently sounding the alarm about this type of radiation danger. Guidelines put in place 21 years ago are inadequate to protect us today.

Sign to stop this and future towers at school sites.

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